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ScheduledEstimateRunner(s)Twitch Username(s)PlatformCategory
Crrool & Shadowfrost Crrool & Shadowfrost
Riekelt Riekelt Switch Any% NDA
yesr YourEverydaySpeedrunner PC Replay Story
ShuriBear ShuriBear SNES Ninja Gaiden Any%
PiranhaPig PiranhaPig PC Any% no OOB
Riekelt & RDVVsTheWorld Riekelt & RDVvsTheWorld SNES Warpless Relay + Incentive
ShuriBear ShuriBear NES Tournament
CriticalCyd CriticalCyd Wii Egg Shuttle
Everyone Everyone Dreamland Insomnia Skip
Sunday, March 03, 2019
Therealberserkr Therealberserkr PS2 Any%
Rasschla Rasschla WiiU Mastersword%
Indi IndiSR PC Any%
Janglestorm Janglestorm Genesis Any%
Yatsuzume Yatsuzume PC Unlock Hatate
Crrool & Indi Crrool & IndiSR PSP Any% 2P1C + Incentive
Crrool & Shadowfrost Crrool & ShadowFrost

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