SpeedCon 2022

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HabKeineName PC PC Any%
Mr.Tiger PC Forest Nothing (256x)
toca PC Full Campaign
Wilddin Genesis Any%
Racooze PC Any%
heny PC Any%
Xoneris GBA 100%
Friday, April 01, 2022
Phonk PC All Masks
Cadarev PC Top Dog
Mr.Tiger Switch Funky Mode - Any% NDA (Funky only)
Floha258 Wii Beat the Game
Urinstein PC Any% No Menu Glitches
Racooze PC Any%
Samabam PC Any%
heny PC Any% (Classic)
thiefbug vs. Zet Switch Any%
catalystz & Xoneris PS4 All Treasures - Co-op
DevilSnake74 PS3 Any% No DT
Saturday, April 02, 2022
desa NDS Any% NMG
Heinki PC Any% Randomizer
desa PSP Any%
SO5Z vs. Wilddin SNES Race
toca GBA 104%
Floha258 Switch House Bidwar
HabKeineName PC Any% Current Patch
Buffer Buffer Buffer
SLweed GB Any% Glitchless
Samabam PC Any%
catalystz PC Any% Standard
Xoneris GBA Any%
DevilSnake74 PS4 NG+
Progji N64 70 Star
heny PC Any%
desa vs. hedweg N64 MST
Sunday, April 03, 2022
desa PC Standard Any%
DevilSnake74 PC NG+
Senydro & Xoneris PC Any% Co-op
Mr.Tiger PC Glitchless Typhon
lepelog WiiU All Dungeons
Heinki PC NOD Campaign
Cadarev & toca Switch Any% (Switch Co-op)
SLweed GB Any% Glitchess (No IT)
Cadarev PC Any%
catalystz PC Any%
Zet PC Love 1 + 2 + 3 Any%
catalystz PC Any%

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