SpeedCon 2023

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Heinki PC Randomizer Crowd Control Any%
LinkaMeister GC Any%
toca GBA 120 Cards
LinkaMeister SNES Any% (SNES)
desa PC Level 6 Any%
Cadarev PC NG+ All Realms
Heinki PC Twitch%
Xoneris PC Any%
FPaul & Heinki PC Any% 2p1k1m
Saturday, April 15, 2023
hedweg PC 24 Bees
desa PSX Any%
waz00 Wii Festival Mode - Solo
Mr.Tiger92 Switch Funky Mode - All Stages
Urinstein PC No Menu Glitches
toca PC Any%
Heros5k PC Any%
Zet PC LOVE 1+2+3 (Remastered) Any%
desa, hedweg GC Any%
Kayumon PS2 Rick Beat the Game
Carlibraun PC ASO (All Shortcuts + Olmec)
George PC Hard (No Bombs)
Sphere PC Easy Run
Cubex, NicoSpeedsub N64 Glitchless - All Main Quests
Sunday, April 16, 2023
Heinki, Kayumon PC Los Santos%
SO5Z SNES Red Jewel Madness + Defeat Dark Gaia
Crystalmond GBC Key Item Randomizer
Floha258 Switch House Bidwar
Matse007 PC Any%
epicdudeguy PC Any% Zipless
Heros5k PC Cutsceneless - Scripted
Xoneris GBA 100%
Cadarev PC Any%
Kayumon PC Any% - Glitchless
Lockuman N64 70 Stars
KotaTripleSix SNES No Major Glitches
hedweg PC Any%

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