SpeedCon 2024

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fGeorjje PC Glitchless
waz00 NDS Any%
HuntiSon Switch Any%
TimeLink Wii U Any%
Mr.Tiger PC Any% (Launchless)
HabKeineName PC Any% No QS Manip
FPaul PC Any%
CrystalMond Switch Path of Legends
Zadyre Wii Child Dungeons Glitchless All Main Quests
Syrilth PC Journey
Saturday, March 30, 2024
Heinki PC No Artifacts
Kejs Wii Any%
CrystalMond, waz00 Wii All Sports
Kaktusmelone N64 Any%
MoD366 PC Any% (V-Sync off)
waz00 PC Any% - Assist Mode
Floha258 Switch Beat the Game
HuntiSon Switch Master Sword
Kaktusmelone, Lockuman N64 70 Star
Sunday, March 31, 2024
Heinki & Kayumon PC Any% No Bug Jump (2p1k1m)
Featuring Daylight Savings
Kaktusmelone PC Glitchless
Kayumon Switch Any%
Floha258 & lepelog Wii Beat the Game (Co-op)
HuntiSon Switch Extra Mode
Zet PC Any%
MoD366 PC Any% Glitchless (Hana)
toca PC Any% (Old Patch)
fGeorjje PC Lunatic No Bomb
TimeLink PC Any% (PC)

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