SpeedConline 2021

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Racooze PC Any%
Racooze PC Any%
Mr.Tiger Switch Any% (NDA) - Funky Only
Cadarev PC Low%
Senydro PC Any% - Current
Matse007 PC Any%
Floha258 Switch Cindered Shadows
Eagleeye Jones, Tinnue SNES Any%
George PC Hard (No Bombs)
Riekelt Switch 100 Shines - No Amiibo
Senydro PC Any% - No Bug Jump (Easy)
Sunday, October 24, 2021
CaptainExo PC Any% Glitchless
SO5Z SNES Beat Dark, 4 Statues, Normal/Completabel Logic, Safe Start
ShoFukomachi NES Beat the Game
YTSatrun PC Full Game
Heiner, Skipsy SNES Any%
Racooze PC Any%
Mr.Tiger PC Full Game - Easy
MoD366 PC Any% (PC)
Cadarev PC Any%
amzy PC Any%
Tinnue SNES Normal JP
LudwigVonKoopa N64 70 Star (Random Seed)
Carlibraun PC Roguelike Pentathlon

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