SpeedConline 2020

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manztellen PSP Part-game, Dodonga
Mr.Tiger Switch All Stages (Funky Only)
Kayumon PC Better than Glitchless
rythin PC All Artifacts
ShiiDO PC Jill, Shotgun Only
desa PS4 Any% NG
hoxi PC Any%
Sunday, October 11, 2020
FroobMcGuffin PS4 Any%
Weser PC Any%
KonceptioN2 GB Any% Glitchless
manztellen PC True Ending
7eraser7 GBA Any%
amzy PC Any%
Robsdedude PS4 NG+ Story
7eraser7 GBA Any% Easy
SerSanju PC Any%
rythin PC All Levels
nabson_1 PC Leon A Any%
Plushyness PS1 Doom 2
PalmyMKGames SNES GT Classic
Cadarev PC NG+ All Realms
Kayumon PC 100%

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