SpeedConline 2023

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TotorRuns WiiU Dream Events
ugyuu PC Any% Blitz
Elrevolver385 GBA Any% Glitchless (Classic)
TotorRuns Switch Any%
Xoneris PC Any%
Lockuman N64 70 Stars
CheeseJayy Switch Superstar Mode Any%
Seb PC Randomizer C-Ending
Sunday, November 26, 2023
waz00 NDS No Secret Exits
RisingPhoenix64 N64 120 Stars Randomizer
Floha258 Wii Beat the Game
Mrks PC Any% Assistant (NMG)
LudwigVonKoopa PC Any%
fGeorjje PC Hard (No Bombs)
LinkaMeister SNES 100%

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