UKSG Anniversary 2018

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ScheduledEstimateRunner NameTwitch NameCategoryConsole
Indi & CDRomatron IndiSR & CDRomatron
Paradox- LiamParadox12221 Any% No Overlord PS3
Tricrow, Cryfor, Cmdr Tricr0w, cryfor_ , CmdrYT Boss - Crocodillian PC
thebpg13 thebpg13 Arcade% PS1
SanderNL ArthurNL Sonic Only: Beat the Game Genesis
CDRomatron CDRomatron 100% (No OoB) PS2
MidiPlayz MidiPlayz World Peace Switch
JackOfHearts DeJackOfHearts Any% PS2
MrDaddyDean MrDaddyDean PC (TWN) PC
CountGooby CountGooby Story Easy SNES
MrDaddyDean MrDaddyDean Original Mode (Single Player) Wii
Tricrow vs. Ætienne Tricr0w vs. AEtienne Low% Balanced+ PC
Sunday, December 09, 2018
TheGreatToddman TheGreatToddman Beat The Game GB
LoveBot LoveBot 1-Lap All Melons Wii
GhostSenpai UnFantasmaMas Any% (+incentive) PS1
CountGooby CountGooby Bronze Cup (+incentive) GBA
GhostSenpai UnFantasmaMas Any% (No Item Glitch) PS2
JackOfHearts DeJackOfHearts Any% w/Bonuses PC
Indi IndiSR Devimon% PSP
Indi IndiSR any% PSP
Crrool Crrool Any% (Single Segment) DS
Argick Argick Sonic & Tails Good Ending PC
Lonne Lonnesurvivor Level 1 PC
MakkerDon MakkerDon Any% PC
ItsJabo ItsJabo All Bobbleheads PC
Akarion Akarion101 Single Segment / "Glitchless" PC
ItsJabo ItsJabo No OoB PC
CDRomatron CDRomatron Any% PC
Indi & CDRomatron IndiSR & CDRomatron

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