Autumn 2019 - Preeliminary Schedule

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Paulister & Indi & Mike
yisk Neutral
TinyTim78 Complete the game
thebpg13 Season 1 - All Episodes
CDRomatron Legend of the Street - ReBirth
Drumbasher004 DarkStory
Apache Very Easy
Argick Any % No Early Exits
Fuzzyness 100%
RebelDragon95 Terra Beginner Any%
tocaloni1 & CDRomatron 105% + 200 Cards (Co-op)
Sunday, September 15, 2019
MrSilentVid Normal
Spectraljoker Ending C
JackOfHearts any%
Paulister LOVE+kuso any% +incentive
TheMibulous F2P Champions' Guild
Cryfor 8-Bit No OoB
CordingWater6 100%
yisk All Stages + incentive
thebpg13 Championship% NG+ (Novice)
Tricrow any% Glitchless
yisk any% NG+
GrizzzzBear Any% Easy Mode
RuSyxx any%
Indi any%
GrizzzzBear any%
RebelDragon95 Arcade Mode any%
Murtag 1v5 Bot Game
CDRomatron & Friends Tournament Grand Finals
Indi 15$ Devimon%
Tricrow & friends 5 man relay necro%
Paulister & Indi & Mike

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