UKSG Summer 2019 Preeliminary Schedule

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Paulister & CDRomatron
Lewisb99_ 40 orb
CDRomatron Beat N. Tropy
JackDraz Pay off Debt
TetBoyzzz Any%
Tricrow Casual%
Thebpg13 Stock Car (All Races)
Tricrow Necromancer Tutorial%
DaveFaeTheYY NG+ 30fps
Sunday, June 02, 2019
MrSilentVid New Game Any% - PS1/PS2
thebpg13 Scenario Mode (Rookie Driver)
GrizzzzBear Any% Zipless
Dejackofhearts Any%
RebelDragon95 Ventus Beginner Any%
Tricrow $10%
Paulister Intro%
linkboss Any% Sonic
Argick Sonic & Tails Good Ending
MrDaddyDean Any%
mitjitsu2016 any%
Christerious Any%
ApacheSmash Any% Easy
linkboss Any% Megadrive
zoton2 Any%
dejackofhearts Any%
RebelDragon95 NG+ All Stages
GrizzzzBear Any %
TaruMurtag Shura Ending - No Airswim
Paulister & CDRomatron

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