Winter 2020

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Paulister Start%
Apache European Extreme NG+
PurkisM All Statue
zoton2 any%
PurkisM any% no Airswim
CordingWater6 100%
Tricrow Chapter 1
Treya Episode 1-4 Jazz (or Lori)
Ulvind Campaign 100%
CDRomatron any% (No PSW)
Ulvind Nitro Tracks - 200cc, Items
Murtag Any% Warps
Crrool any%
Sunday, January 26, 2020
RebelDragon95 NG+ Beginner any%
Spectraljoker any%
cRossSSB any%
MrSilentVid NG (Easy) Console
spectraljoker New Game+ Claire
Tricrow No save abuse w/Heroes
MrDaddyDean any% (emu)
Crrool any% No Wm, No QS
Tricrow NG+
CordingWater6 Garden Ops (1 player - Easy)
Treya Carol Classic
RebelDragon95 Sonic's Story (No MSG)
Argick, Linkboss Sonic - Beat the Game (2p1c)
Crrool Beat the Game
Murtag Shura - No Airswim
Paulister Finish%

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