UKSG Spring 2019 - Preliminary Schedule

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Paulister Venue Intro%
RebelDragon95 PS4 Aqua Critical Level 1 Any%
Tricrow PC Crocodilian%
ApacheSmash PC Very Easy
Tricrow PC Any% Standard
MrSilentVid PS2 Normal Mode
MrDaddyDean PC Leon A
Riekelt PC All Trophies - Full Game
Everyone PS2 Semi-Final + Final %
Everyone Bed Get ready for UKSG Day 2: Electric Boogaloo
Sunday, March 24, 2019
RebelDragon95 Xbox 360 Sonic's Story (No MSG)
Argick PC Sonic's Story
thebpg13 Xbox All Story Missions
mitjitsu Sega Saturn Any Clear
Riekelt PC All Bosses
Murtag PC Any% Warpless
max_gentleman PC Glitchless
Riekelt PS2 Any%
Paulister PC Any% No Level Skips
Paulister PC True Any%
Everyone Venue Goodbye%

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