UKSG Fall 2018 - Preeliminary Schedule

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ScheduledEstimateRunner(s)Twitch Username(s)PlattformCategory
Paulister Paulister
Echaen Echaen PC All Lasers
zoton2 zoton2 PC any%
Tricrow Tricr0w PC any%
Tricrow Tricr0w
Argick Argick N64 Single Segment Score run
Tricrow Tricr0w PC Normal
Tech Tech Techstaion Bork%
zoton2 zoton2 PS2 All Races
Paulister Paulister SNES Time Trial Showcase
Paulister Paulister Wii Beginner
Paulister Paulister
Tricrow Tricr0w PC Necro%
Everyone Everyone Bed Night%
Sunday, September 09, 2018
zoton2 zoton2 PC any%
CDRomatron CDRomatron PC Big's Story
Argick Argick PC Sonic & Tails All Emeralds
Argick Argick
CDRomatron CDRomatron PC any% No Spacebar
zoton2 zoton2 PC any%
Tech Tech Techstation Bork%
CDRomatron CDRomatron PS1 any% - Plumaxia
Natty Nattyo PS2 any% Warpless
CDRomatron CDRomatron PS1 Any% (No Game Over Abuse)
SBCz SBCz PC any%
Paulister Paulister

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