Fangame Marathon 2018

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All dates and times are given in America/New_York timezone (UTC-04:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

TimeEstimateRun CategoryRun TypeRunner(s)
any% Solo Run Wolfiexe
any% (skip teleporters) Standard Race TimeLink, Cheez8, Mysterion-Svin
any% Special Event Yoyo, Geezer, Stonk, Denferok
creative% Special Event Sudnep, Smartkin, jongyon7192p, Koslyn
any% Solo Run Piranha
creative% Special Event Piranha, pieceofcheese87, GeoGeo222, Skulldude, infern0man1, Wolfiexe, letcreate123, NotEvenAmatueR
any% Showcase Erik7654ka
any% (chapter 1 only) Standard Race Cosmoing, Koslyn
100% Co-op Run Smartkin, aferalsheep
Saturday, June 09, 2018
any% Solo Run bootstrap1988
any% Standard Race Mattrick_, Dragondarch
any% Solo Run d0ppller
100% (120 star) Solo Run StanSM64Addict
any% Solo Run Denferok
any% (medium) Solo Run Gludraq
any% Showcase Normal, IPECACMAN, patitok
any% Standard Race Sparxe, LiquidRage
any% Solo Run Echaen
any% Solo Run NotEvenAmatueR
any% Special Event Lots of people
TAS% Showcase xwidghet
to fabla% Solo Run Fragnaticc
any% Solo Run infern0man1
any% Standard Race infern0man1, Wolfiexe
any% Solo Run Skulldude
100% Solo Run Tapdos
any% Solo Run Gaborro
any% Solo Run Kefit
get off +1% Solo Run Krakka
Sunday, June 10, 2018
any% Solo Run Swordslinger
any% Solo Run CakeSauc3
any% Standard Race Thenadertwo, pieceofcheese87
any% Standard Race Thenadertwo, Maxinator235
any% (to final boss) Solo Run Rainydays
any% Solo Run Redire
any% Special Event Lots of people
80 Star Solo Run Galaxtic
any% Solo Run gamercal
any% Solo Run twitchmasta123
50 Star Solo Run aglab2
genocide% Showcase bummerman222
100% (no extra) Solo Run Naro
any% Solo Run Naro
standard any%, randomized swords Solo Run Yagamoth
any% Solo Run Problemstrol
any% Co-op Run Emik, Redstoad
handicapped% Special Event ShadowsDieAway, Krakka, MrSSFireball, cosmoing, Piranha, bummerman222
any% Solo Run arzztt
any% Showcase The Elephant Crew
100% Solo Run letcreate123
any% (complete boss rush) Solo Run Mega Kid
any% Solo Run pieceofcheese87
any% Special Event ShadowsDieAway, Piranha, Krakka, letcreate123, DarqSaintDiablo, bummerman222, GeoGeo222, Mqpg_, Wolfiexe
Monday, June 11, 2018
any% Nation War bootstrap1988, Wolsk, SUDALV, Wolfiexe
any% (early death) Solo Run Thunda
any% Solo Run FAZZTW
any% ISC (115 star) Solo Run gian_97
any% Solo Run bummerman222
any% 2p1c (hard mode) 2P1C Run Wolsk, CakeSauc3
100% Solo Run Joshua_Boring
any% Solo Run Joshua_Boring
80 Star Solo Run SheepSquared
100% (132 star) Solo Run AndrewSM64
any% Solo Run Mqpg_
Tuesday, June 12, 2018
draw% Showcase Wolsk
end% Group Run Tech Crew
rest% Group Event Everyone
hype% Group Event Everyone
showcase% Showcase Race FocusSM64, gian_97
all clear% Solo Run Naloa
100% Solo Run Denferok
race% Race w/ Viewers Denferok, and anyone who wants to join
showcase% Solo Run aglab2
any% Solo Run a17_devil
any% Nation War bootstrap1988, Wolsk, SUDALV, Wolfiexe
any% Standard Race Joshua_Boring, GamerGuy500, LiftedTech, Gaborro
any% Solo Run arzztt
millionaire% Special Event TBD
any% Standard Race EvilRainbow, Bummerman222, Gaborro
any% (platforming only) Solo Run Gemilous
Wednesday, June 13, 2018
any% Solo Run Wolsk

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