Fangame Marathon 2019

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TimeEstimateRun CategoryRun TypeRunner(s)
To Boss Rush% (Medium vs. Hard) Standard Race Naloas + Cosmoing
97 Star (+ Showcase) Solo Run Aglab2
SM64 vs. IWBTG Special Event Bummerman222 + AndrewSM64
Any% Showcase SleepySage
Any% Standard Race CakeSauc3 + Thenadertwo
Any% Solo Run LAWatson
Any% Solo Run NotEvenAmatueR
To X Stage% Solo Run Tehninza
To Final Boss% Solo Run Bootstrap1988
Friday, June 14, 2019
Any% Solo Run Wolfiexe
Any% Solo Run Redire
Learning% Showcase Tralexium
Any% Solo Run FAZZTW
Millionaire% Showcase Pieceofcheese87
100% (4 Player Co-Op) Co-op Run AndrewSM64 + Muimania + Katze789 + SomeBroYouDontKnow
Any% Special Event Thenadertwo + Maxinator + Geezer + Yiazmat
Any% Solo Run Skulldude
Beat The Map% Standard Race Cosmoing + Koslyn
The 4 Dank Manks Any% Solo Run Electric
GG ur the king% (No Duplicates) Solo Run Cosmoing
Any% (w/ Turbo) Standard Race Tehninza + Arzztt
Luck% (4 Games) Special Event Lots of people
Read The Sign% Solo Run Krakka
Any% Solo Run Gaborro
Any% Standard Race Wolsk + Stonk
Any% Standard Race CakeSauc3 + Stonk + Wolfiexe
Any% Special Event Skulldude + Casualcrap + infern0man1 + Cosmoing
100% Solo Run GeoGeo222
Saturday, June 15, 2019
Any% Solo Run D0ppller
All Stars Solo Run Mrzwanzig
125 Star (2 Player Co-op) Co-op Run LocaMash + Trueballer21
Any% Solo Run BBF
Any% Solo Run SadPotato
Any% Solo Run CakeSauc3
Avoid Things% Special Event Lots of people
Any% Standard Race Elraimon2000 + Bummerman222
Any% (No Major Skips) Solo Run Naro
100% Solo Run Problemstrol
Warpless Any% (Marisa) Solo Run Gamercal
100% Standard Race Sapphron + StuntCoyote + MrGuyAverage
Boss Rush Solo Run Mrglrglrglrgl
Any%/100%/Low% TAS/RTA Showcase DruidVorse
TAS NG+ Showcase TAS Showcase Xerclipse
Any% (All Upgrades) Solo Run Letcreate123
Chat% Solo Run Pieceofcheese87
Any% (5 Games) Special Event Lots of people
Any% (No Bows) Showcase Andres_Tearit + Thenadertwo + Razzor + Mastermaxify + LiftedTech + あお (Blue)
True End% Solo Run Rainydays
Sunday, June 16, 2019
31% Standard Race Thenadertwo + Maxinator
Any% Solo Run Focus_SR
Any% Solo Run Bummerman222
Any% Standard Race Mattrick_ + Dragondarch
Any% Solo Run Naloas
Average-Mode Any% (Dark Boshy, No Wrong Warp) Solo Run BBF
Jump Many Times% Special Event Lots of people
Any% (To Boss Rush) Solo Run Bummerman222
80 Star Solo Run Galaxtic
Creation% Showcase The Elephant Crew + Pandy
Any% Special Event Wolfiexe + Naloas + Arzztt + Wolsk
2P1C% 2P1C Run Wolsk + CakeSauc3
Creation% Special Event Skulldude + Piranha + Egg + Taprus
Millionaire% Showcase Pieceofcheese87
SourPls% Showcase Kurath
Galaxy Brain Of The Eye Melting Overload% Showcase Xwidghet
100% Solo Run Cosmoing
Monday, June 17, 2019
Race% Race w/ Viewers Cosmoing + Anyone who wants to join
Draw% Showcase Wolsk

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