Fangame Marathon 2021

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TimeEstimateRun CategoryRun TypeRunner(s)
100% Solo Run Anuj071
New Game+ Solo Run LinkaMeister
31 Star Solo Run AndrewSM64
Any% Race GniefFiar + TimeLink + tpasalt
100% Solo Run Wahnthac
Any% Solo Run azder
Max% Special Event Mastermaxify
Any% (w/ turbo) Solo Run すせるあ (suserua)
Any% Solo Run Thenadertwo
Any% Solo Run Cheez
Grandmaster Lobby Solo Run BV502
Friday, July 16, 2021
Ending B Solo Run Cosmoing
Any% Solo Run Emmanating
Any% Solo Run Naloa
120 Star + Bonus Showcase Solo Run Mushie64
100% Solo Run LinkaMeister
Lunatic, No Bomb (Patchouli) Solo Run zemoo
Avoid Things% Special Event Lots of people
100% No Left+Right Solo Run Samiboule
Any% Special Event Arzztt + CeleCele + Cosmoing + riktoi
All Achievements and Cat Easy Solo Run DNVIC
Any% Race Arzztt + Mastermaxify
100% (w/ storytime) Solo Run Cosmoing
Any% Solo Run Racic
Any% Solo Run Joshua_boring
100% Solo Run Gaborro
Any% Special Event bummerman222 + Geezer + Nader + Tehninza
Gameshow% Special Event pieceofcheese87
Any% Solo Run Tehninza
41 Star Solo Run somebro
Amy NG+ Glitchless Solo Run huds601
Saturday, July 17, 2021
100% Race BV502 + Cosmoing
Any% Solo Run conman
Any% Solo Run UnPigeonVoyageur
Any% Race Naloa + Wolsk + ヒョウカ (hyoka)
"Him" vs. "Them" Co-op Race Wolfiexe vs. Lots of people
Twist% Special Event Gwiz + Patrick + pieceofcheese87 + Wolfiexe + Kale
Showcase Solo Run Tralexium
Any% Brutal + Secret Solo Run Nearigami
Showcase Solo Run zebbe94
30 Star Solo Run AussieAdam
SM64 + IWBTG + Celeste Special Event BV502 + DNVIC + Tehninza
Any%, Collect Calls Solo Run PineappleDerp
Full Game Bubba% Race EliGabRet + No_
100% Glitchless Solo Run Rinbu
122 Star Solo Run Muimania
NewGame+ Solo Run popop614
Boss Lunatic + Boss Attack Solo Run Naro
Normal Mode Solo Run Naro
Operation S-Rank Solo Run Jin-Hikari
Story Mode All Levels Solo Run IkeSMB
Any% Solo Run Adamcake
Sunday, July 18, 2021
Any% Solo Run あずもる (AZ_mol1129)
Any% Solo Run ヒョウカ (hyoka)
Any% Solo Run D0ppler
Story Mode All Levels Solo Run IkeSMB
151 Star (Non-Stop) Solo Run SuperViperT302
25 Star Solo Run KingToad64
Best Of 15 Special Event EchoMask + IanBoy141
Any% Special Event Fragnaticc + Gaborro + Wolfiexe + Wolsk
Any% (5 Games) Special Event Cosmoing vs. 2 Teams
BibleThump% Solo Run Wolsk
Showcase Solo Run Naro
Jerry% Special Event Cosmoing
Any% Solo Run bummerman222
Gameshow% Special Event pieceofcheese87
Showcase Solo Run Razzor
Draw% Solo Run Wolsk
Monday, July 19, 2021

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