Fangame Marathon 2020

Starts on

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TimeEstimateRun CategoryRun TypeRunner(s)
True End% Solo Run Doppler
100% Solo Run LinkaMeister
66 Star (v1.2) Solo Run InfiniteVoid316
moleYo% Solo Run Draconical879
Any% Solo Run tpasalt
Mega Man vs. SM64 vs. IWBTG Special Event bummerman222 + Cheez + TheReverserOfTime
Campaign 100% Solo Run Kradfiz
Any% Solo Run Chatran
100% Race Joshua_boring + ヒョウカ (hyoka)
100% Solo Run amnjkb
Friday, July 10, 2020
Showcase Solo Run princeoflight
80 Star Solo Run Mushie64
31 Moons Solo Run Alibaba
Best Of 3 Special Event Lots of people
Any%, Glitchless Solo Run Bogandemon
Any% Solo Run Yagamoth
Showcase Solo Run Naro
Any%, No Skips (Green Teleporters) Race Taprus + TimeLink
Any% Co-op Run Draconical879 + M0bilD
Avoid Things% Special Event Lots of people
101% Solo Run Sapphron
Starfox% Solo Run StoneBadLuck
Any% Solo Run TheGreenViper8
Any%, Glitchless Solo Run Ætienne
Any% Solo Run Skulldude
Any% + DJ Sray Showcase Solo Run letcreate123
Game Show% Special Event pieceofcheese87
Any% Solo Run kurath
Showcase Solo Run Adamcake
Any% Solo Run Gemilous
Saturday, July 11, 2020
Any% (Standard) Solo Run ヒョウカ (hyoka)
Any% Solo Run Joshua_boring
90 Star Solo Run StanFuzz
All Characters Solo Run FroobMcGuffin
100% Solo Run LinkaMeister
Any% Solo Run HerculesBenchpress
Any% Special Event Fragnaticc + Gaborro + Wolfiexe + Wolsk
Unlock Mario, Hard Co-op Run IgorbSV + marfrus1
Any% Special Event sunbla + Tehninza + Thenewgeezer + Yiazmat7
Any% Solo Run jmacpegasus
Any% Race Mastermaxify + Tehninza
15 Tacos Solo Run tpasalt
7 Coinflips Special Event Lots of people
100% Fangame Bangers Solo Run Racic
Any% Race Arzztt + RandomErik + Skulldude
100% Solo Run RandomErik
Any% Solo Run Chatran
Any% Special Event Andres_Tearit + Arzztt + Cosmoing + riktoi
Beat The Game% Race CeleCele + Cosmoing
Any% Solo Run Tehninza
Sunday, July 12, 2020
35 Star Solo Run Quills
Any% Solo Run CeleCele
Any% Race Naloa + あお (Blue)
100% Race TheGaming100 + Vertic
Any% Race Cosmoing + MostlyTyste
Skulldude% Solo Run kurath
Any% Solo Run Sean_AB
Showcase Solo Run Naro
Any% (4 Games) Special Event Lots of people
BibleThump% Solo Run Wolsk
99.5% + All Horses + Crown/Cookies Solo Run Krakka
The% Race bummerman222 + Thenadertwo
Game Show% Special Event pieceofcheese87
Showcase Solo Run aglab2
50 Star Solo Run KingToad64
Monday, July 13, 2020
Draw% Solo Run Wolsk

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