Fangame Marathon 2022

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TimeEstimateRun CategoryRun TypeRunner(s)
Any% Solo Run Naloa
100% Solo Run LinkaMeister
90 Star Race AndrewSM64 + PlutoTheThing
Any% Special Event NinjaLifestyle + SwiftShotTV + Wahnthac
Main Avoidances (No Hit) Race MKey + Wolsk
Any% Solo Run Matth33w_
2021 Warpless Solo Run namb0
NG+ Any% Solo Run NasuAmaya
Any% Solo Run Koslyn
Any% (Medium) Solo Run Cosmoing
Thursday, July 14, 2022
50 Star Solo Run Mushie64
Any% Solo Run bummer222
Glitchless, Hard Solo Run MikansBox
Any% Solo Run AsneL
True Ending% Solo Run Wolfiexe
ABC Solo Run no__maybe
Easy Solo Run aducck
SM64 + Touhou + IWBTG Special Event anuj071 + Mushie64 + Naro
Beginner Lobby Any% Solo Run dogsrcutew
Showcase Special Event Lots of people
130 Star (Non-Stop) Solo Run SuperViperT302
Any% Relay Race anuj071 + barfyace + FlaviaEstCalida + placements
Gameshow% Special Event pieceofcheese87
100%, Hard Solo Run Wolsk
99% Solo Run aliceNobodi
All Maps Solo Run Eeva_x
Friday, July 15, 2022
Any% Solo Run FlaviaEstCalida
Normal Mode Solo Run Cosmoing
Competitive Settings Solo Run TSRStormed
Any% Race Eeva_x + Framzo
Piano% Solo Run pointfivepercent
Any% Solo Run rainydaysTA
Any% Solo Run AsneL
100% Solo Run Arzztt
24 Star Solo Run Mushie64
Any% Special Event Arzztt + Cosmoing
Any% (w/ Turbo) Solo Run Skulldude
Luck% Relay Race Lots of people
100% Solo Run EzTheBoss2
Any% Solo Run max954
Showcase Special Event Lots of people
Any% Solo Run popop4342
100% Solo Run SHLONGSTER
39 Star Solo Run DJ_Tala0
Any% Race Benjamanian + Dom_sr + Eeva_x
Avoid Things% Special Event Lots of people
Saturday, July 16, 2022
Lunatic + Extra Solo Run unpigeonvoyageur
50 Star Race aglab2 + Lahmus
Any% Special Event Eeva_x + Parrot_Dash + touhoe_
100% Solo Run ヒョウカ (hyoka)
Owata Any% Solo Run protocloud01
No Stopping% Special Event Lots of people
NG Any% No Skip Tele Solo Run GniefFiar
Any% Picnic Solo Run Naro
Any% Special Event Fragnaticc + Gaborro14 + Wolfiexe + Wolsk
Showcase Solo Run dansalvato
Any% Special Event Muimania + Phanton + SirNoCancel + TheReverserOfTime
Weekly Settings v6.2.123 Solo Run zemooGames
Any% (5 Games) Relay Race Lots of people
100% Solo Run BanjoFreak64
Any% Solo Run ヒョウカ (hyoka)
Sunday, July 17, 2022
Normal End Glitchless Solo Run Pinkie_TV
Quiz% Special Event Mushie64
100% Solo Run LinkaMeister
Banana% Special Event 42guy42 + Dmt Goobz + IkeSMB + TheWalkr_
80 Star Solo Run AndrewSM64
Medium Solo Run Natsu_iw
100% Solo Run nameless_iw
Any% Solo Run abiteofdata
100% Solo Run abiteofdata + Kataiser + mikachelya + sashabell2001
BibleThump% Co-op Run Wolsk
True End Co-op Race Lots of people
Showcase Solo Run Naro
Find Me% Special Event Cosmoing + ???
Showcase Solo Run zemooGames
All Difficulties Solo Run Gaborro14
Gameshow% Special Event pieceofcheese87
Showcase Solo Run Razzor_iw
14 star Solo Run DNVIC
Draw% Solo Run Wolsk
Monday, July 18, 2022

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