Fangame Marathon 2024

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TimeEstimateRun CategoryRun TypeRunner(s)
The Great Maze All Maps Solo Run touhoe
Any% Race ainyaneko + Naloa + Wolsk
Randomizer Solo Run dansalvato
Showcase Other dmt_goobz + Mobius + Nambo + Walkr
Any% Solo Run irisu624
Seiran Any% Hard Solo Run Redsflame
Story Mode All Levels Solo Run Walkr
Any% Solo Run Eeva
Thursday, July 11, 2024
Multiworld Randomizer Co-op Run krakkacafe + Mikan
Any% Solo Run GlitchCat7
50 Star Solo Run BigfootTouchedMe
True End Solo Run Arus
Showcase Other Lots of people
All Miami Missions (Classic) + Any% Solo Run ViperUK
Showcase Other isabelle + Parrot Dash + touhoe + viddie
100% Solo Run LinkaMeister
Showcase Solo Run Nimputs
100% Race Gaphodil + Purrfexionator
Showcase Solo Run Natsu
Finish The Series Race arzztt + ヒョウカ (hyoka)
All Stunt Goals Solo Run Nambo
130 Star (Non-Stop) Solo Run SuperViperT302
Story Mode All Levels Solo Run Zona
Friday, July 12, 2024
100% Solo Run LinkaMeister
Any% Solo Run Mir
100% Solo Run Eeva
Classic Rogue Solo Run SAS
Any% Solo Run Cosmoing
10 Quota Other gian_97 + GmdDoesDMG + Plumato + Tomatobird8
Any% Solo Run Viridity
Any% v1.2 Solo Run Shinsa
Showcase Other Coni-Chan + KingToad64 + RedSlim777 + Tomatobird8
UV Max Solo Run Andrea Rovenski
Story Mode Solo Run ピジョン (Pigeon)
Any% Solo Run Jopagu
Full% Solo Run RandomErik
Any% Solo Run Barfyace
25 Star Solo Run KingToad64
Showcase Other arzztt + Cosmoing
Showcase Other BigfootTouchedMe + Its_MattyBuhh + Luvbaseball + serp
Any% Race juckter + touhoe
Any% (1P) Solo Run keegansimyh
Saturday, July 13, 2024
Any% Solo Run SAS
Bladehunting Trial: Tewi Solo Run ピジョン (Pigeon)
70 Star Solo Run aglab2
Single Elimination Other Lots of people
Marisa Any% Solo Run naro
User Level Showcase Solo Run iffydsu
Gameshow Other Lots of people
Any% (TAS) Solo Run nameless
Any% (TAS) Solo Run nameless
Any% Solo Run Purrfexionator
Celeste + SMW + Touhou Other atpx8 + Eeva + ピジョン (Pigeon)
2 Teams, 5 Games Relay Race Lots of people
Randomizer Any% Single run Lotus_RT
Interstellar (High Score Team Relay) Relay Race dmt_goobz + ganon + Nambo + Zona
Any% Race Erik The Swift + Knuckleykong
Sunday, July 14, 2024
Gameshow Other Lots of people
Beat The Game (Byakuren Only) Solo Run AsneL
Any% Reimu Solo Run AsneL
Big BiG RR Coop Map Solo Run h3oCharles
Any% Solo Run GlitchCat7
Single Elimination Other Lots of people
72 Star Solo Run AndrewSM64
Showcase Race EchoMask + Natsu + Wolfiexe + Wolsk
BibleThump% Co-op Run The Tech Crew
Gameshow Other Lots of people
Story Mode All Levels Solo Run Mobius
Any% Race Mastermaxify + Mir
Showcase Solo Run Iruenn
70 Star Non-Stop Random Seed Solo Run AndrewSM64
Any% (TAS) Solo Run Framzo
Showcase Solo Run Zemoo
Showcase Solo Run Wolsk
Monday, July 15, 2024

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