Fangame Marathon 2023

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TimeEstimateRun CategoryRun TypeRunner(s)
Any% Solo Run Cosmoing
Story Mode Solo Run IkeSMB
78% Solo Run LinkaMeister
All Red Coins% Ending B Race aliceNobodi + Gaphodil
Randomizer Solo Run Awootiful
Any% Solo Run bootstrap1988
Any% Special Event NinjaLifestyle + Wahnthac
Any% Solo Run MKey
Thursday, July 13, 2023
Randomizer Solo Run Mikan
82 Star Solo Run DNVIC
New Game+ Any% (No Skip Teleporters) Solo Run Gnief Fiar
Any% Special Event isabelle + Parrot Dash + touhoe + viddie
Showcase Special Event Lots of people
All Achievements Solo Run anxKha
1 Credit Clear Solo Run SuperViperT302
Grandmaster Lobby Relay Run Mr_Hecc + olive + Destoma + ninz + Ecl1psed
All Game Any% Solo Run arzztt
50 Star Solo Run max954
Reimu Any% Solo Run Pigeon
Any% Solo Run Wolsk
9 Stage Speedrun Solo Run eddy0777
Friday, July 14, 2023
5 Eggs Solo Run Koslyn
Campaign 100% Solo Run MegaMia
100% Showcase Solo Run Mushie64
Any% Solo Run AsneL
100% Solo Run ヒョウカ (hyoka)
Single Elimination Special Event Lots of people
Any% Race Eeva + RandomErik
(Almost) All Content Solo Run Mushie64
Any% Solo Run letcreate
Any% Solo Run Bantsmen
Gameshow% Special Event kurath
Any% + Trials Solo Run p00ks
Any% Solo Run Chazoshtare
Any% Special Event arzztt + Cosmoing
Any% Solo Run aliceNobodi
All Maps Solo Run touhoe
170 Ztar Solo Run Phanton404
100% Solo Run Gilcatmey
Saturday, July 15, 2023
The Kid (Any%) Solo Run Natsu
100% Solo Run LinkaMeister
Dny% Solo Run Rubydragon
All Bosses% Solo Run Draconical
Single Elimination Special Event Lots of people
Expert Lobby TAS abiteofdata + Mika + pansear + skybreaker42
Any% Race Iruenn + Mir + Murzikk
Any% Race hevorius + thewoofs
90 Star Solo Run AndrewSM64
Beginner + Intermediate Lobbies TAS Kataiser + gregovin + skun + TheRoboMan
Any% Race letcreate + RndGuy
Any% Special Event EchoMask + Gaborro + Wolfiexe + Wolsk
Rope Race Showcase Solo Run h3oCharles
Any% Solo Run ProtoCloud
100% Solo Run Naro
Single Elimination (Best of 5) Special Event beard295 + Dmt Goobz + Kpenpen + Dyrude
Touhou + IWBTG + Yoshi's Island Special Event Gaborro + Gilcatmey + Zemoo
True End (No Powerups) Solo Run Eeva
Sunday, July 16, 2023
Master Solo Run Nambo
100% Solo Run Cosmoing
Single Elimination Special Event Lots of people
Any% Solo Run LogicPQ
Story Mode All Levels Solo Run Dmt Goobz
2 Teams, 5 Games Relay Race Lots of people
100% TAS nameless + zwx21
BibleThump% Solo Run Wolsk
Gameshow% Special Event pieceofcheese
Any% (Unseeded) Race ヒョウカ (hyoka) + Naloa + Wolsk
Any% Solo Run PlutoTheThing
Master Solo Run Nambo
Showcase Solo Run Naro
Showcase Solo Run Wolsk
Monday, July 17, 2023

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