2015 (Purple stream)

This is the purple ESA 2015 stream. Check out the yellow stream schedule as well!

This is a mirror of the official event page on speedrun.com.

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All dates and times are given in Europe/Stockholm timezone (UTC+02:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

tHmCS Any% PS2
los Any% PC
BetaM & PeteThePlayer Co-op Any% PS2
martinforslund Any% PS2
puppetmaster Main Story GB
downiebrownie_ Any% Wii-U
E_dragon & Naegleria All Tracks Time Attack GC / Wii
willzorss Easy Xbox 360
exe Any% NG+ PS3
Monday, June 29, 2015
Aphox Any% PC
Nord Any% PC
DhrGR Any% DS
KennyMan666 Vampire Princess New Game+ Xbox 360
DeathBasket All courses N64
TheHarlequinDevil vs MeridianPrime Any% Race SNES
Alicon Normal SNES
Yvathacal Any% GB
InfestedRiche Any% NES
Crippe vs Nisse Any% NES
Gaël Any% NES
Cereth Any% SNES
flyingfox Any% Wii
CriticalCyd Team Sonic PC
MrWalrus Any% PC
FingersTehHand Any% Easy PC
Heinki & PenAgain Any% Hard Race PC
Tuesday, June 30, 2015
general_beatrix Any% ∞Climax Wii-U
RazorPriest Any% Solo Xbox 360
Baffan Any% Genesis
Carska Any% PC
btrim Any% Normal Genesis
Therio Any% Normal Genesis
Spiriax Any% NES
Coolkid vs badbrakes Any% NES
Dxtr vs badbrakes Any% NES
Spiriax Any% NES
Edenal + Grukk vs. FingersTehHand + Pogington Co-op race Genesis
geurge Any% Genesis
RebelDragon95 Any% Beginner PS3
Bagel_Thief & Lady_Smaell Co-op 100% Normal Mode PC
downiebrownie_ Any% PS3
MrBean35000vr & SwordofSeals 100% PS2
Linkus7 Any% (OOB) GC
360Chrism Any% Luigi Wii
Fuzzyness Adventure Mode Very Hard GC
Pottoww Red Line N64
Wednesday, July 01, 2015
zoton2 Any% PC
Tohmane Any% PS3
RoboSparkle Any% Amiga
Rueake Any% PC
bangerra Any% (Normal) GBC
lurk Batgun GB
Nudua vs Joka Any% Race GB
Ongnissim Any% GBA
KrazyRasmus vs btrim Any% SMS
flippy_o Any% PS2
T1g3r_94 Any% PC
Domakr Any% (easy) PC
Vallkyr Any% PS3
Poeguyz Any% GC
KrazyRasmus Any% SMS
Dxtr Any% Pacifist NES
Primal85 Any% NES
Duckfist 100% NES
Pro_JN & badbrakes 100% All Keys 2 players 1 controller NES
Mhmd_FVC Any% PC
Noobest UV-Speed PC
Thursday, July 02, 2015
Elgu Easy 100% PC
Robosparkle Any% Hard XB360
Nikneim Any% PC
Savusukka Any% PC
Henjo Any% PC
Pjoxt Any% PC
Shrimp Any% MS-DOS
Sphere Any% PC
xxMergyxx World Tournament PS1
andypanther Bonus Circuit N64
lurk Any% SNES
lurk Any% SNES
KrazyRasmus & MaxieTheHatter Any% SMS
btrim Any% SMS
Cereth, Grokken, MLSTRM & Neviutz Four Player Co-Op, All Dungeons GC
Grig Orbless PS2
Respirte Any% PC
Respirte Better Any% PC
Joka 100% All CDs - Rockman only SNES
Coolkid Any% NES
Primal85 Any% NES
Ajarmar Any% Wii
Cerberus European Extreme PS3
Friday, July 03, 2015
Adam_AK, Coolkid, lurk, Noobest, Pjoxt, Shrimp, Yvathacal, zastbat, S. All Maps Hard (co-op) PC
Fatzke Any% PC
Naegleria Any% Wii
SeductiveSpatula NG+ Any% Xbox
Akisto Any% Normal SNES
Chrno Any% SNES
Grukk, KrazyRasmus, MaxieTheHatter & Pogington Any% race PC
Primal85 Any% NES
Nudua Any% GB
Fuzzyness Any% PSP
CriticalCyd Any% All Levels PC
Grokken Any% PC
flicky & bangerra Any% Co-op PS3
Trineas Momohime - Shigurui Any% Wii
Demon9 Any% GC
Dragonfangs, Eagle & mobiusman Any% Race GBA
MrWalrus Any% PC
Saturday, July 04, 2015
Aphox Any% Heaven or Hell Difficulty PC
Kotti Any% PC
tdawg91 NG+ PC
PenAgain Any% PC
Pjoxt Any% PC
Rueake Souls% Xbox
BetaM Ultimate Shadow Challenge PS2
Smartkin 100% PS2
Illudude Any% N64
DarkDEVASTAT10N Legendary Xbox360
ThaRixer Any% ng+
MrTakahashi All Bosses Including DLC PC
BBF 100% PC
steve50013 & AMVX All Co-Op Missions - Perfection Difficulty% PC
Sunday, July 05, 2015
Lysteria & tyriounet NG+ Any% Co-op PC
Nord Any% PC
Rueake Normal Any% PC
Rueake Any% PC
Pogington Any% PC
Neviutz Milla Story PS3
Ongnissim Any% Wii
flippy_o All Cups with Skips N64
etholon NG+ no Insomniac Museum Glitch PS3
xxMergyxx Any% PS3
Raccoon_1337 & ThaRixer All Missions co-op PS2
Jodenstone Any% Wii
Thiefbug & SlaskPrask [2 Player 1 Controller] All Dungeons N64
stelzig 120 shines Wii
Everyone Any%

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