2022 Summer (Stream One)

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Planks, Ladaur
Nikoheart PC Any% (Unrestricted)
AEtienne PC Any% (Pirate Mode)
Aeshmah PlayStation 5 Any% (Kensei / One Hit)
Argick N64 Single Segment Score Run
emilyapocalypse PC A Diverse World (25k)
Apollo22237 NES Showcase Challenge Run
coolkid NES All Levels
vincent573 Arcade Rhythm Game Showcase
TheBlacktastic PC All Bosses (Vampire Killer)
jeffthebiglizard PC Old Souls (Unrestricted)
Slysonic PlayStation 3 All Vaults (Remaster)
Sunday, July 24, 2022
Gordon_Ramsay PC Any% (Wingless)
yisk PC Any%
osskari PlayStation 5 All Treasures
heinki PC Soviet Campaign
Rexaaayyy PlayStation 2 100%
daspharaoh vs. enk PC Any% (w/ Drop Mod) Race
rebeldragon95 Switch Any% (Casual Mode) SETUP GAME
Rastats PC Platform DLC (All Tracks)
GoombaNL GCN All Cup Tour
Ya-GG PC Full game (Insane)
83kY PC Any%
English_Ben PC All Missions
OckE vs. webs2d PC 3 Weapons Race
vincent573 Arcade Drum Kit Showcase
catalystz PC All Remembrances
Monday, July 25, 2022
Murtag PC Randomizer
Myth197 GBA Any%
naro PC Full Game (True Ending)
RuffledBricks PC All Missions (Any%)
Matse007 PC 100%
epicdudeguy PC Any% (Standard)
Tezur0 PC Any% (Hard)
btfm PC Any%
Xoneris GBA 100% SETUP GAME
Samura1man Switch Survival Boss Rush
Argick PC Crowd Control
Drakodan GBA Birth
Oh_DeeR vs. ninja_src vs. elecman GB Glitchless Race
EndySWE NES Any%
hirexen NES Any%
dxtr NES Any%
hirexen vs. garadas21 vs. EndySWE NES Any% Race
dxtr NES Any%
Alko, Edenal SNES Coop (JP-2) Coop
niss3 vs. jokaah SNES Restricted Major Glitches Race
RoboSparkle Genesis Any%
Grumpmeister Genesis Beginner (NTSC)
Olson Java Dragon GF%
Fudge vs. jeffthebiglizard PC Any% Race
jackyrite PC All Masks
ShikenNuggets PC Any%
Tuesday, July 26, 2022
Heinki PC Randomizer (Any%)
maltemller PC Any% (No Voidclip)
lucha_gym SNES Any% (Normal)
Joester98 PlayStation Any%
caraxx PC All Missions (NMG, Novice)
Samura1man Switch Any%
quadraaceps, yisk, Xoneris vs. enk, Bowiethehero, SunnymuffinSR PC Galdera Relay Race
tharixer & Friends PlayStation 2 Exhibition
yucaesar PC Racing+ (Season 2)
mkdsabel DS 32 Tracks
Shigan_ & Friends 🟦⬜🟥 PC All Capitals ($25%, No DLC)
Team Juan vs. Team Carlos PC Any% (Relay Race) HEK-Block
henyK PC Any% (Classic) HEK-Block
Wednesday, July 27, 2022
Shafournee, Sajiki PC Super Hatty 64 HEK-Block
brainfluid, praskOo_, EddwardG, Elgu PC Randomized (Easy, Coop) HEK-Block
Jackyrite, Kainalo, Shafournee, heki, Meteos_probably PC All Bosses HEK-Block
Nikoheart PC Any% (Easy, Steering Wheel)
Olson PC (B) NG+
Evanicia GCN Any%
Bowiethehero SNES Any% (no Wrong Warp)
definitelynotfx GBA Any% NG+ Demonstration
Olson, awesomewaves, bodcap PC Any% (Partial Cutscene Skips) Relay
TheBlacktastic PlayStation Crowd Control
xem92 PlayStation 3 NG+
thekotti PC Silent Assassin
zweek PC Any%
Thursday, July 28, 2022
NicowithaC PC Any%
Vojtas131 PC Any%
etem PC 100%
Cadarev PC Any% SETUP GAME
hossel PC Any% (Classic)
Kelpsey WiiU Crowd Control (Bingo)
hedweg PC Any% (w/ Flight)
GreenSnowDog vs. TMHTF-Senpai N64 Any% Race
eerokurkisuo Arcade 1cc Attempt
Rastats PC RPG Maps Showcase
Brionac95 PC Adventure (Campaign+) & Lost to Echoes (Default)
Friday, July 29, 2022
lurven PC All Achievements (Base Game)
lurven vs. Som1Lse PC DLC (Bid War, No Powers) Race
catalystz PC Any%
Fnzzy PC Any%
muty71 PC Easy Run
dauswectus PC Any%
PeteThePlayer, CDRomatron X360 Any% Coop
oneeyeddeacon PC Main Story
Rebeldragon95 PlayStation 2 Any%
Kainalo PC All Levels
SunnymuffinSR PC Any%
jazzy PC Any%
CDRomatron PlayStation 2 Any%
Yorkie PlayStation 2 Any% (Major Cutscenes)
TaintedTali PlayStation 2 Any%
havrd & Friends PC Relay Relay
randompinkbunny, seductivespatula PC Any% Coop
gidano PC Any% (NG, Unrestricted)
crisisaurus Switch Any%
cheese N64 Crowd Control (70 Star)
Saturday, July 30, 2022
whitefire PC Shrineless: Base Whip
xTunguzka PC Legendary (Full Game)
distrotv PC Any%
Slysonic PlayStation 3 All Master Thief Challenges
AEtienne PC Any%
MoD366 PC Any%
G3neziz N64 100% (No Source Requirement)
Lornoveo PlayStation 2 Any% (NMG) SETUP GAME
kanangatv PC Any% (Scriptless)
Nikoheart PC Any%
GreenSnowDog vs. TMHTF-Senpai N64 Rematch%
dwangoac, TASBot, Savestate, nallesounds N64 Triforce%
Jarvis9999 PC Rhythm Game Showcase
Opartyjesper Arcade Rhythm Game Showcase
Heyzeus, xein64, cheese, smau64_, Apeduden vs. bernhardsr, drogiesr, dwhatever, benji64, gainai27 N64 120 Star (Relay Race) Relay Race
xem92 vs. snee PlayStation 3 All Gold Bolts Race
tharixer vs. HillaryPuff PlayStation 2 Any% (No OoB) Race
Dansta2106, TiloTech Switch Any% (2P) Coop
TheMexicanRunner PC Crowd Control
Sunday, July 31, 2022
Edenal, Planks

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