2020 Corona Relief

ESA Together 2020

ESA Corona Relief: May 28 - May 31, 2020

ESA Corona Relief is going to be a weekend long online speedrunning marathon in support of Save the Children's Coronavirus Emergency appeal.

Each day will end with an extended Crowd Control run stretching far into the night to give the runner the best possible chance to come out victoriously and finish the run. After its conclusion the stream will go offline and start afresh at 0800 CEST (0200 EDT, 2300 PDT).

Starts on

All dates and times are given in Europe/Berlin timezone (UTC+02:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

LiquidWiFi PC All Story Missions
Voetiem PC All Collectables (Both DLCs)
ProtoAus PC Scriptless
Chazoshtare PC No Bhop Cap
Bubzia GBA 100% (Blindfolded)
EeroKurkisuo Arcade Score Attack
Matse007 PC Any%
Leonis07 PSP Any%
SwiftShadow PS4 Any% (Beginner)
LoveBot N64 All Melons (1-Lap JP)
fireb0rn PC Any% (No Major Glitches)
KeatonRL Switch Any% (Gunvolt)
Friday, May 29, 2020
Kuumba_ NES Any%
SCXCR SNES Any% (Tornado)
Apollo22237 NES Any%
Apollo22237 NES Any%
kalarse SNES Any%
SakuraTsubasa SNES Randomizer (Crowd Control)
FroobMcGuffin PS4 Any%
The__VK PC Any%
Structuralfailure PC Any%
Jaxler1 Xbox Any%
RubberDuckyAssassin Wii Any% (Passwords)
eddaket Switch Any%
RaichuMGS PS3 Any% (European Extreme)
CrispyHanako PS4 Babel Pairs
MattRPD PS4 Any% (Claire A, Standard)
yisk PC Any% (Standard)
Saturday, May 30, 2020
Andyrion PS2 Knife Only
Ecdycis PC Any%
FreyasSpirit SNES Any%
BigJon GBC Any% (Randomizer, Glitchless)
mitchflowerpower NES Any% (Warpless, Crowd Control)
RebelDragon95 PS4 The Heist Any%
NoobSalmon PC Any%
Racooze PC Any% (No Puzzle Skip)
Juh0rse PS1 Any% (Hyper)
Thextera_ Bid War Decision Any%
PeekingBoo Switch Any% (DancePad)
Javi Gamecube Any% (No OoB)
Rox_ WiiU VC 100%
Opartyjesper PC Showcase
CmdrYT Wii All Sports
Tiyenti PC Legacy (Sprint)
Thebpg13 PC Any%
hypnoshark PS2 Any% (Warpless)
STWOlive Arcade Any%
Argick Genesis Any% (Sonic)
Nimputs Gamecube 100%
SteveTVOnline Xbox One Any% (Out of Bounds)
UncraftedName PC No Pass Through Portals
Sunday, May 31, 2020
Msushi100 PC Inbounds (No SLA)
FoxyZilla54 PS4 Any%
Zic3 PC Any% (Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage)
SimpleFlips N64 70 Star (Crowd Control)
Pythonicus PSTV New Game (Tsuchinoko)
Retrotato Nintendo DS Any% Glitchless (Beat Lance)
AEtienne GBA Glitch Exhibition
KetilTV SNES Any% (Good Ending)
NecroSky90 SNES Beat the Devil (Beginner)
ShuriBear NES Any%
Samura1man Switch Any%
Samura1man Switch Color Dungeon
havrd PC Any% AND No DFS
havrd PC Any%
Tezur0 PC Any% (Inbounds)
AlecK47 PC Any%
ChronosReturns PC Legendary
HarcTheSire Xbox One Easy
Joshimuz PC Los Santos (Crowd Control)

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