2022 Summer (Stream Two)

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All dates and times are given in Europe/Berlin timezone (UTC+02:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Joester98 PlayStation 2 100%
Chfou PSTV Any%
Leonmachar PC Any% (Journey)
Paulister PC Any%
raggeddan PC Adventure (100%)
Kirthar PC Arcade Mode (Normal, Gun)
christianroyle PC Any% (No Map Glitch)
rebeldragon95 PlayStation 5 Silver Lining (Any%)
MoD366 PC Any% (Normal)
SidedWilliams Wii 96 Shines
menno888 PC Any% (No Major Glitches)
Monday, July 25, 2022
Sioneus Switch Any% (Safety)
Neviutz PC Golden Ending (Hard)
Crrool DS Any% (No WM, No QS)
Tuesday, July 26, 2022
Leemyy PC Glitchless
Frozer 3DS Any% (Albus)
Grumpmeister SNES Any%
raggeddan PC Special Agent
Nardiko GBi Ending 4
SuperPlayer GBA Any% (Goku)
MrZwanzig SNES Any%
Kayarune PC Any%
Wednesday, July 27, 2022
Nitroz GBi All Essences
inzudesu PC Lost Lake (Any%, Survivor II)
Arzga PC Any%
cypryss PlayStation Any% (Rikimaru)
Aeshmah PlayStation 5 Any% (Jack)
Tezur0 PC Any%
Sphere PC Individual Level Showcase
dauswectus PC Any% (No Sumo Glitch)
DVark09 PC Any%
havrd PC Most Bosses
sajiki PC Hordes of the Underdark (Any%)
Javeliin PlayStation Any%
Elgu PC Any%
Grumpmeister CD-i Any%
Paulister PC Any%
Thursday, July 28, 2022
Leonis GCN Any% (w/ Patch)
happycamper MS-DOS 100%
Edenal Genesis Any%
lucha_gym Genesis Any% (All Weapons Run)
janglestorm SGB2 Any% (Hard Mode)
nilssonalex92 NES Any%
EndySWE NES Any%
hirexen NES Any%
RoboSparkle SMS Any%
dxtr NES Any%
thehaxor NES Any% (Warpless)
Argick SMS Beat The Game
janglestorm SNES Any% (Easy)
TinyTim78 Amiga Medium
Drakodan PC Genocide
lumilaura PlayStation 2 Any%
snee PlayStation 2 NG+ (No IMG)
Joshimuz, Lordmau5, EnglishBen, KinzyKenzie, Naro, hoxi, jolzi, PokerFacowaty, zoton2, Menno888 PC Los Santos (Chaos Mod, Relay) Relay
Friday, July 29, 2022
kyrrone PC Any%
Greenferret PlayStation Woody Tower
KinzyKenzie Xbox Chronicle Mode
thebpg13 PC Solo Racing (Gold%)
Shigan_ Switch Story (Normal, Master)
GreenSnowDog PC Any% (No Boost)
Joester98 PlayStation Any%
asazas Switch All Courses
tricrow PC Any%
teyzyl PC Any% (No Major Glitches)
hedweg PC 24 Bees
YatogamiNL PC NG+ (Amateur)
fuzzyness Wii All Gateways (Blank Memory Card)
Saturday, July 30, 2022
FreshRigi PC Chapter Runs (Chapter 3)
janglestorm SNES Any%
definitelynotfx GBA Any% (No ACE)

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