2021 Summer

ESA Summer 2021

ESA Summer 2021 will be raising money for Save the Children. Their goal is to improve the lives of children everywhere through better education, health care, and economic opportunities. Save the Children respond to major emergencies, deliver innovative development programmes, and ensure children’s voices are heard through our campaigning to build a better future for and with children.

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All dates and times are given in Europe/Berlin timezone (UTC+02:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Neviutz PlayStation 4 True Ending (Hard)
Saturday, July 24, 2021
TaintedTali PC Any% (New Game+)
English_Ben PC Any%
yarthow PlayStation 4 All Bosses (Unrestricted)
CovertMuffin PC All Modules (Alt, NMG)
TheeSizzler PC Random Seed (Glitchless, 1.16+)
mitchflowerpower NES 100%
Riekelt Switch 100 Shines (No Amiibo)
Sunday, July 25, 2021
BigJon Genesis Any% (Glitchless)
gidano PC Hardcore (Glitchless)
cageking2 PC Any%
toastedkat PC 120% (Spyro the Dragon)
raikou PlayStation All Events
heyitsperk Saturn Any% (Normal Mode)
Shiru GBA Elite 4 Round 2
TinyTim78 ZXSpectrum Any%
DigitalDuck ZXSpectrum Any%
eerokurkisuo Arcade Score (72k Points)
Tinnue SNES Any%
amad__ PC Any% (Normal, No OoB)
Team Duncan vs. Team Percy PC Any% (Relay Race)
Heinki PC Any%
Xoneris PC Any% (NG+)
Team Juanita vs. Team Carla PC Any% (No Stab Launch, Relay Race)
havrd PC Chatguessr
CovertMuffin, Sajiki PC 2P (Co-op)
epicdudeguy PC Any%
Shafournee, Meteos_Probably PC Break The Hekord: LIVE
BlackbeltGingaNinja PC 100%
Shafournee PC 70 Star
Monday, July 26, 2021
DogMeats PC Any% (Easy)
Shaddex PC Any%
AEtienne Switch Any% (Bug Limit)
English_Ben PC Story Mode (Sick)
heyitsperk PC Any% (GOTY)
Mannix86 GB Any%
koopsader PC Any%
Nestani GCN All Monster Tokens (No Creepy Early)
jackalacka X360 Any% (No LSG)
Joe XboxSeriesX Any%
juh0rse GBA 100%
quino_w PlayStation 2 Femme%
stone_clive NES Any%
fuso-wasedr09 NES Any%
swordfish4649 PC Any%
cicada PC Any% - Yamato
xshonnen PlayStation 3 Any%
groggydog PlayStation Story Mode
Rasta PC TOTD (June 2021)
MrTrolyMoly vs. Rasta PC All Flags
adamx0315 N64 Score Attack (No Death Abuse)
ShikenNuggets PC Any%
Tuesday, July 27, 2021
LordFluffy PC All Helmets
MangoPunch PC Any%
quadraaceps vs. SunnymuffinSR PC Single Story (Bidwar)
Mantodea PlayStation 2 100%
heny PC Any%
usurpering PlayStation 4 Any%
murcaz PC Any% (Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped)
heponwana vs. Paulister PC LOVE+kuso (100%)
lovebot N64 Any% (JP)
Novaspell PlayStation 2 Vortex
Polari NES Any%
KlebeZettel5 vs. LyxM PC Any% (No Menu Glitches)
Mipha PC Any% (Random Seed, No Levels Early)
luxidream PC Any% (3.7.0)
dj_mikemax PC Any%
distrotv PC Any% (v1)
Kaadzik PC Main Campaign (SA, Normal)
SHiiDO PC Jill (Zoolander%)
mr_mcsqueezy PC Extra New Game (QS/QL)
Wednesday, July 28, 2021
heros5k PC Any% (I am Death incarnate!)
kaos_wulf PC Any%
Logz PC All Stages
etchy DS Any% (Glitchless)
r4ng3__ PC All Quests (Unrestricted)
Kefka14 Xbox 50%
blueharvey PC Any% (Normal)
Nikoheart vs. drayux PC No Major Glitches (Nightmare, Steering Wheel)
Destructiox Genesis Any% (Ackroyd, Medium)
apachesmash PlayStation 3 All Camouflages (European Extreme)
JackDraz GCN Pay Off Debt
Kaadzik PC Any%
davehunter PC Full Game
juh0rse Wii All Levels
hibnotix PlayStation All Discs
Kainalo PC Total Double Knee Replacement Surgery
Thursday, July 29, 2021
TegoSamego2020 PC Any%
FrogVoice DS Earth%
RuffledBricks PC Mayhem
savage_brik PC Full Game (Easy)
lasertrap_ DS Free Play (Villain)
Vertz505 PC Any% (Relaxed)
fbimichaelscarn PlayStation 5 Any% (Ultimate Difficulty)
murcaz GBA Any%
Hurricane_Of_87 PC Any% (Old Patch)
lattmackey TG-16 Any%
amad__ NES Any% (JP)
Jimmy_Diamonds PC Iolo (Easy Arcade Mode)
hibnotix vs. stwolive GameGear Beat The Game
zer0skar_I PlayStation 2 Any%
carterkirby PlayStation 2 Any%
CDRomatron vs. lovebot GBA Any% (Dark)
Matse007 PC Any%
TaintedTali PlayStation All Puppies
SketchTV PC Zero Hour Generals Challenge (Hard, NMG, Laser)
ceaselessly PC All Base Scenarios (OpenRCT2)
360chrism vs. bird650 WiiVC Power Star Pathway (Randomizer)
mralberto WiiU 100%
Friday, July 30, 2021
Vertz505 vs. solarcell007 SNES Any% (Normal)
Resistingframe PC Any%
TheScruffington PlayStation 5 New Game (Human, Nero/Dante/V)
mitchflowerpower PC Any% (No Wrong Warp)
Xoneris PlayStation 4 Any% (No Airwalk / No Launches)
NickRPGreen PC Any% (Easy)
noops_au PC Any%
fruich PC Any% (Scriptless w/ Bhop)
SBVille PC Hard Map Showcase
w00deh PC Defrag (Skills / Level Showcase)
Techstrobe Wii Subspace Emissary (Any%)
Bubzia GCN Adventure Mode (Blindfolded)
Fuzzyness GCN Solo Cruise
Fuzzyness PC Any%
Heinki PC Any%
Fudge PC Any% (Glitchless)
Fudge PC Any%
Mhmd_FVC PC 100%
Saturday, July 31, 2021
BigJon, TheBlacktastic PC Win Big Money!
G3neziz WiiVC All Dungeons (SRM)
Plexa vs. Blueser WiiUVC Any% (No Save & Quit)
ChaosDrifter PC Any%
Pathetik Oculus All Jobs
hippienator PC All Collectables
Zoochable PC All Main Categories
samura1man PC Shura (Glitchless)
czr_drums N64 16 Star (Drum%)
Lemin PC Any% (Sonic)
Argick SMS Beat The Game
g3lk_jr PC Legendary
DanSpence94 PC Any%
Danflesh PC All Bosses
Uncle_Slam Switch Skill Showcase
juzockt_ PC Journey Mode (Normal)
juzockt_ Switch 6 Levels Blindfolded (Endless, Easy)
Greenferret PlayStation All Tracks
jarm0u SNES All Cups (2P)
Dangers Switch Talkatoo%
Bubzia WiiVC 70 Star (Blindfolded)
Sunday, August 01, 2021
havrd PC Perfect Score (A Diverse World)
gidano PC Hardcore (Glitchless) v2

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