2016 - Schedule

ESA 2016 is a speedrunning-centred community meetup and marathon. The doors are open from Saturday the 23rd of July at 8am, until Monday the 1st of August at noon. The stream is planned to run from the evening of the 23rd of July the evening of the 29th of July.

In 2016 we celebrate our 5 year anniversary of the biggest gathering in Europe. It’s amazing that the event has grown from 30 to 300 attendees in that period of time.

(This is a mirror of the official schedule.)

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All dates and times are given in Europe/Stockholm timezone (UTC+02:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Scheduled TimeEstimateRunner(s)CategoryConsoleTwitch Username(s)
xRikux89 Any% PC xRikux89
Sajiki Any% PC Sajiki
Arctice Any% PC Arctice
Noz Any% PC nozlar
Nord Any% PC truljin
Sunday, July 24, 2016
Tirean No OoB PC Tirean
Magn00zl Any% PC Magn00zl
Nord Any% PC truljin
cruxit Easy Alien campaign PC cruxit
PenAgain Any% PC PenAgain
Respirte, Bensagram Any% (No Chicken) (Race) X360 Respirte, Bensagram
Muffin42 Any% RLC PS2 Muffin42
Pogington Any% PS2 Pogington
mikl Any% PS2 thmcs
Chfou Any% PS1 Chfou
china, Joelnir, Jazzy, T1g3r_94 Any% (Easy) (Race) PC chinatsun, Joelnir, Jazzy, T1g3r_94
Shadax Any% PC shadax1
Edenal Any% Gen edenalsda
Garadas Any% NES garadas21
CartinaCow, EndySWE Any% (Race) NES CartinaCow, endySWE
Niss3 Any% NES Niss3
EndySWE, dxtr, infestedriche Any% (Race) NES EndySWE, dxtrslab, infestedriche
Zecks, Brother_main Any% (Race) PC zekks, Brother_main
Tyzerra 100% PS2 Tyzerra
I300M3R, Raccoon_1337, Dexz, ThaRixer Any% (Race) PS2 I300M3R, Raccoon_1337, idexzz, ThaRixer
Monday, July 25, 2016
Elajjaz All Bosses PC Elajjaz
karl__k Any% PC karl__k
Kotti PRO/SA PC thekotti
heny Any% PC henyK
pitpo Any% normal PC pitp0
Sphere Any% PC spheremj
bangerra, oasiz Any% (Race) PC bangerra, oasiz____
laml Any% NES llaml
dxtr Any% (1loop) NES dxtrslab
IndDragPack Any% SNES IndDragPack
bangerra All Bosses GBP bangerra
KrazyRasmus, btrim Any% (Race) SMS KrazyRasmus, btrim
btrim Any% SMS btrim
alowishus Easy w/ Donald (Solo Run) SNES alowishus
Crippe Any% 3DS crippe123
Pottoww Any% Wii U Pottoww
E_Dragon, PreFiXAUT, DivisionX Time Attack (Race) Wii U E_DragonGX, PreFiXAUT, DivisionX_x
InfestedRiche, EndySWE Any% (Race) NES InfestedRiche, EndySWE
Garadas Any% (Difficult) NES garadas21
Nudua, EndySWE, dxtr, Purjo83 Any% (Difficult) (Race) NES Nudua, EndySWE, dxtrslab, Purjo83
360Chrism Any% Wii U 360Chrism
MrTakahashi All Bosses with DLC PS4 MrTakahashi
E_Dragon Any% GCN E_DragonGX
pr0te Any% GBP ToreLehmann
Kirua 100% NES Kirua
Tuesday, July 26, 2016
Pull Any% PC pwulla
Incalex, Vemirtar, Filly_Vinyl, Stenkaempen 4-Player Co-Op PC inkalex, Vemirtar, Filly_Vinyl, Stenkaempen
randompinkbunny, DrTChops Any% NG+ (Co-Op) PC randompinkbunny, DrTChops
tocaloni1, epicdudeguy Any% Zipless (Race) PC tocaloni1, epicdudeguy
Kotti Any% PC thekotti
5exual_Tyrannosaurus Any% PC 5exualtyrannosaurus
cruxit Any% PC cruxit
pitpo Any% MS-DOS pitp0
Pjoxt Any% Wizard PC Pjoxt
PenAgain Any% NoFling PC PenAgain
zoton2 Any% PC zoton2
Tezur0 Any% with sprint PC Tezur0
SerSanju Any% PC SerSanju
Arctice Any% PC Arctice
Riekelt All Trophies PC riekeltje
Samtastic Any% PC Samtastic95
Freddeh Any% PS2 Freddeh
joka All Skills, no OOB PC jokaah
Wednesday, July 27, 2016
Greenalink NG+ 100% Insane PC GreenalinkSDA
Elgu Any% PC elgu_
Brainfluid Any% (Easy) PC Brainfluid
Freddeh UV Any% PC Freddeh
epicdudeguy Any% PS3 epicdudeguy
xRikux89 Any% PC xRikux89
criban Any% PC criban
Pessimism Wesker Mode PC xpessimism
SerSanju Any% PS3 SerSanju
JackOfHearts Any% PS1 jackofheartsgaming
Rueake Any% N64 Rueake
andypanther Bonus Circuit, max points N64 andypanther
Naegleria Any% no skid jump Gen Naegleria
Puppetmaster 100% PS2 esgpuppetmaster
Respirte Any% PC Respirte
Henneko_ Any% X360 Henneko_
Shadax Hard PC shadax1
Eagle 100% GBP makvaerk
RebelDragon95 Aqua Critical Level 1 Any% PS3 RebelDragon95
Thursday, July 28, 2016
KRob16 No Major Glitches SNES KRob16
Tompa, Baffan Any% (Co-Op) GBP Tompa, Baffan
Metako Any% No Save Corruption X360 Metako
snapcase Any% PC snapcase_
CartinaCow All Levels NES CartinaCow
joka Any% SNES jokaah
BBF Any% (Dark Boshy, No Wrong Warp) PC BBF_
Shigan Hard The Lost PC RyuguNoshiGan
JangBang Any% easy GCN JangBang__
Distro, ARoyalHobo Legendary (race) XBone distrotv, ARoyalHobo
Fatzke Any% PC Fatzke
DrTChops All Main Quests PC DrTChops
Shaddex All Main Quests PC Shaddex
Tezur0 Any% - Tourist PC Tezur0
pitpo, ultimaomega07, Mhmd_FVC, Nozlar Any% PS (Race) PS2 pitp0, ultimaomega07, Mhmd_FVC, nozlar
Shirdel Unlock All Endings (1 Round) PS2 Shirdel
Arctice, DrTChops CO-OP VS. DEATH PC Arctice, DrTChops
Jazzy, puppetmaster Any% (inbounds) (Race) PC Jazzy, esgpuppetmaster
karl__k No OOB PC karl__k
Qlex Exhibition block Arcade TC_Qlex
btrim Any% SMS btrim
FingersTehHand, Robosparkle Any% Suicidal (Race) SMS FingersTehHand, Robo_Sparkle
RoboSparkle Any% SMS Robo_Sparkle
Friday, July 29, 2016
Burb Any% Gen Burbruee
JohnUK89 Any% Blue Twin Gen JohnUK89
Alko Any% Gen alko_sda
kruskader Any% Gen kruskader
Shiekrunner Any% SGB Shiekrunner
EndySWE, KrazyRasmus, Nudua Any% (Race) NES EndySWE, KrazyRasmus, Nudua
SuccinctAndPunchy Any% Lilac PC SuccinctAndPunchy
Fuzzyness Any% DC Fuzzyness
Fuzzyness All Events GCN Fuzzyness
E_Dragon Story Mode (Very Hard) GCN E_DragonGX
Drogeriehund 100% N64 Drogeriehund
Mergy Any% New Game+ PS2 Mergy
Etem_T Any% PC Etem_T
tyriounet China campaign PC tyriounet
Mrzwanzig Any% Normal PS3 Mrzwanzig
PinkPajamas Any% PSTV PinkPajamas
SeductiveSpatula, HaosEdge Any% No Level Skip (Co-Op) PC SeductiveSpatula, HaosEdge
Zet, Yajijy Any% - Normal Route (Race) PC Zet237, Yajijy
Arctice and Savusukka, MolluskMoth and Kotti Run Invalid Routing Competition PC
etholon, Fatzke Any% (Race) PC etholon, Fatzke
JanMumrik Non-Lethal/Ghost PC JanMumrik
BubblesDelFuego Any% PC BubblesDelFuego
Fretzi Beat the game GBP fretzi_sr
Kinnin11 100% 3DS Kinnin11
Saturday, July 30, 2016
InfestedRiche, dxtr 2 Players 1 Controller NES InfestedRiche, dxtrslab
Ricky NG+ PS3 ThaRixer
Akisto 96 Exits SNES se7endeadlysins
flippy_o, dwhatever, fuzzyness, noizeeh, mashsrl, srb , drogeriehund 120 Star Relay N64 flippy_o, dwhatever, fuzzyness, noizeeh, mashsrl, srb, Drogeriehund

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