2023 (Summer) - Stream One

ESA Summer 2023

ESA Summer 2023 is a week-long in-person speedrunning marathon, featuring speedrunners and score-attackers from all around the world. Our primary goal of raising money for our charity partner Alzheimerfonden. The Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation wants nothing less than to eradicate dementia once and for all. To achieve this goal they fund the research for preventive measures, inhibiting drugs and ultimately a cure.

The event is held in the familiar conference space of the Quality Hotel View in Malmö (Sweden), just across the bridge of the large international Copenhagen airport.

Starts on

All dates and times are given in Europe/Berlin timezone (UTC+02:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

BigJon PC Any% (Normal, Single run)
RuffledBricks PC All Missions (No Mission Skips)
Rox WiiUVC 100%
83kY PC Any% (Glitchless)
Mucke1man PlayStation 3 Any% (NG+, No LC)
Cadarev PC Any%
Vysetra PC Any% (Nosferatu)
catalystz PC Any%
Sorix PC Legendary
English_Ben PC Any%
Sunday, July 23, 2023
hypnoshark Xbox Any%
Evian PC Any% (Fresh File)
GiantClam WiiU All Dungeons (Unrestricted)
Sestain Xbox All Levels
Floha258 Switch Any%
Yorkie PlayStation 3 Any%
5mon PC Quest Speedrunning (F2P)
Kirthar PC Beat the Game SETUP GAME
Gordon_Ramsay PC Any%
Greenalink PC Duke (Hard, Unpatched)
yidamoda PC Limitcut (Data Org, Critical, Lv. 1)
zer0skar_I PC Any% (Pixel Remaster)
huds601 vs. hibnotix vs. Argick Tabletop Sonic the Hedgehog – Green Hill Zone ($25%) Race
BigJon, huds601, Paulister
pho Genesis Beat The Game
thiagoch NES Any%
coolkid NES Any% (All Stages)
prisiii3 NES Any%
sbdwolf SNES Any% (Easy)
Apollo22237, lucha_gym, jokaah SNES Any% (w/ Major Glitches) Relay
lichtwirbelwind SNES Any% (No Exit Glitch)
Monday, July 24, 2023
bbf_ PC Any%
arzztt vs. stonk PC Any% Race
cyprys PlayStation Any% (All Items)
SmokeyRuns PC Any% (NG+)
sweedola PC TimeSkip (NG)
unintendedchaos PC NG (Human)
ViperUK PC Summer Vibes
raggeddan PC 100% (Original 3 Campaigns)
Rastats PC 15 Landings - Amsterdam
Congruence PC First Chest (10 Random Languages)
KevinGem PC Showcase
Mizzow vs. Leonis PlayStation P Any% Race
Shemcat PC Superboss
Donate $10 and send an image!
BigJon, huds601, Paulister Unlocked at $20,000
havrd & Friends PC Showcase (Routing Competition)
sajiki, janmumrik vs. meteos_probably, jackyrite PC All Levels (2P 1KB/M) Coop Race
SuiMachine PC Alien Campaign
jazzy PC Any% (Medium)
rythin PC Any%
deuceler PlayStation Any%
BigJon PC Crowd Wins For Charity%
muty71 vs. maltemller PC Triathlon Race
Tuesday, July 25, 2023
SerSanju PC Any%
lurven PC Any%
KassXCII PC Any%, (Inbounds, No Shield Glitch)
denhonator PC Any%
nimputs vs. Trigger PC A License (Paradise Cars Only) Race
MadAstix WiiU All Castles
Bassguy NES Any%
lvcreed SNES Any% (Burst Bean)
sbdwolf NES Best Ending
laxxus NES Any% (Normal)
Apollo22237 NES Showcase Challenge Run
RiYAN vs. dxtr vs. EndySWE NES Any% Tournament
hsblue, Maximum PC Any% 2P (Flash) Coop
heinki, lotsofs PC Attila The Hun Coop
Zyper, lemuura PC Any% Coop
xoneris, catalystz PlayStation 4 Any% (No Airwalk, No Launches, 2p1c) Coop
BigJon, huds601, Paulister Unlocked at $30,000
Rastats vs. MyKeY PC Community Speedrun Race
MyKeY PC Platform Any%
Nalle vs. Amateseru WiiVC All Dungeons (no SRM) Race
EndySWE vs. RiYAN NES Any% (Best of Three) Race
marathonman vs. Jishkared PlayStation 3 NG+ Race
Wednesday, July 26, 2023
muty71 PC 100% (Nightmare)
dauswectus PC Any%
naro PC Any% (Sakuya)
Thurler vs. LeoKeidran Wii X Operations Race
jugachi PC Any%
Paulister PC All Levels SETUP GAME
Gulebamse PC No Menu Glitches
RbdJellyfish, firethieff, Krosso, fritt PlayStation 3 Any% (NG+) Coop
Chfou, Shigan_ Switch Any% Coop
TaintedTali, Aeshmah PC Any% (Easy) Coop
AlexHonix PC All Stunt Jumps
WarDrums PlayStation 2 Any%
Laay PC Any%
the_stellar, Jazz, HillaryPuff PlayStation 2 Any% (Trifecta) Relay
lumilaura PlayStation Any% (TAS Reveal)
Stonk PC Showcase
Chfou PC Showcase
RoboSparkle & Friends PC Master the Tasks
Congruence PC 100%
Pennek PC Any% (Unrestricted, Blindfolded)
Thursday, July 27, 2023
mieslwd PlayStation TV Any%
SidedWilliams Wii True All Hundos
sioneus PlayStation TV Glitchless (Law Ending)
Crrool GBC Any% (No ACE)
Javeliin vs. Joester98 PlayStation Any% Race
Lordmau5 PC Any% (No Bosses & OG Levels)
TinyTim78 ZXSpectrum Any%
PeteThePlayer, Bensagram, 5mon, Riko, Joester98, Vojtas131, Alaapo, evolvesz, murcaz PlayStation 2 Any% (2 Player, No MM) Coop race
sajiki, jackyrite PC Any% (NG+, No SS) Coop
randompinkbunny PC Any%
maybetta & Friends PC Showcase / Custom Maps Relay
heinki Switch $25%
NaomiiiPlays Switch Score Attack (Undertale Pack)
BigJon, huds601, Paulister Unlocked at $45,000
MrPonytale N64 Any%
Obiyo N64 All Cups (Skips)
Bubzia, benji64 N64 Live Tutorial: Blindfolded Speedrunning Coop
Slysonic, Vojtas131, nimputs, hibnotix, DreeGon, ChZdk, skoob PC All Stories Relay
huds601 vs. Argick PC Beat the Game (Sonic) Race
Friday, July 28, 2023
Cakeri PC Any%
hasujuttu PC Any% (w/ Quitouts)
daspharaoh vs. Evanicia GCN Umbreon vs. Croconaw Race
desa New3DS Any% (No Major Glitches)
havrd PC Any%
Nordic_Soy PC Good Time
Bubzia, fuzzyness, samura1man, 360chrism N64 Blindfolded Showdown Match
cafeela PC Restoration (Seeded, Glitchless, Crowd Control)
Shigan_, Ya-GG, Chfou, Civel PC Adventure Any% (Hard, Long) Coop race
ViperUK, Veictas, ChristianRoyle vs. zolaa, Brionac95, Linkboss PC Any% (Best of 3) Relay race
jeakerek vs. zolaa Tabletop Game vs. Bricks Race
lvcreed PC Any%
hsblue PC Any% (Flash)
eerokurkisuo Arcade Any%
BigJon, huds601, Paulister Unlocked at $60,000
TBD PC Finals
Nikoheart PC Any% (Camera Controller 📷)
dayoman PlayStation Any% (Crowd Control)
gebbu SNES 100%
Saturday, July 29, 2023
Apollo22237 SNES Competition Showcase
SigotuSR N64 80 Star
BigJon PC Any% No Background Layers 25$shirt%
hibnotix X360 Team Bid War
Dyne_Nuitari PC Any% (Pixel Remaster)
Veictas PC Any% (No Major Risks) SETUP GAME
lurven, Eris, Heinki, Heny PC Hollow Man Coop
thewoofs MS-DOS Any%
zolaa PC Any% OHKO
Regole PC All Bosses
Gliperal, Alexspeedy PC Any% (TAS) Coop
TASBot & dwangoac GCN TASBot plays...
Civel Switch Chapter 1 & 2 (Blindfolded)
samura1man Switch Any% (Patch 1.1.1)
BigJon, huds601, Paulister Unlocked at $80,000
Benji64 N64 70 Star
360Chrism & Friends Switch Win All Games (Relay) Relay
Sunday, July 30, 2023
Edenal Celebrating Generosity
Nikoheart 🎉🎉

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