2021 ESA Winter

ESA Winter 2021

ESA Winter 2021 will be raising money for Alzheimerfonden. This is the Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation which supports all types of research on Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia diseases. Applications for grants are assessed according to scientific quality. The goal of the Council’s work is to get maximum dividends on the research money for affected patients and their relatives.

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All dates and times are given in Europe/Berlin timezone (UTC+01:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Pengyy Gamecube 100%
Saturday, February 13, 2021
catalystz PC All Bosses
havrd, epicdudeguy, Timopy, Kainalo PC NG+ (Co-op)
Juh0rse PC Any% (1.16, Random Seed, Glitchless)
Covert_Muffin PC Any% (NMG, Alt)
BBF_ PC Any% (Average, Dark Boshy, No Wrong Warp)
Argick PC Beat The Game
TheBlacktastic Genesis Mega Man 1 (Any%)
Clipper SNES 100%
Bubzia Wii VC 16 Star (Blindfolded)
PeekingBoo N64 16 Star (Dance Pad)
MedicCasts PC 3 Weapons
Sunday, February 14, 2021
hypnoshark PS2 Any% Warpless
NitrozSR GBC Any%
DemonicRobots PC Any%
Jaguar_King Xbox One First Ending (S-Rank)
Tezur0 PC All Missions
Robo_Sparkle Amiga Any%
Robo_Sparkle Amiga Any% (Credits Warp)
RuffledBricks ZX Spectrum Any%
RuffledBricks ZX Spectrum WRITETYPER
TinyTim78 ZX Spectrum Any%
Grumpmeister Game Gear Any%
Tinnue SNES Normal (JP)
JkL87 GB Any% (Glitchless)
JkL87 Genesis Any%
ShuriBear GB Any%
Kirthar PC Any%
Hibnotix Genesis Beat The Game
flying_fox PC Tails: All Good Futures
PabloBliep10 Wii No OoB
Zic3 PC 40 Orb
NostTW PC Any%
Strackel vs. Miniretin Switch Any%
LoveBot PC Any% (Set Seed)
chocbob vs. SombraCakes PC Speedrun Mode
Covert_Muffin PC Randomizer (All Skill Locations)
Monday, February 15, 2021
Grondious PC NG+ (No OoB, Linear)
Xerclipse PC All Stages
TheBlacktastic PC Episode 1 (Ultimate)
Diagongdx Nintendo 3DS All Bosses (No Memory Corruption)
Nyk_Style vs. JeffTheBigLizard PC Any%
JTMagicman Nintendo DS Any% (Glitchless, Manipless)
Pie PS2 Any% (No Memory Manipulation)
360Chrism Switch Win All Games
BoneyC PC Any%
GreenSnowDog PC Any%
SeductiveSpatula PC Any%
CutierooSR PC All Bosses
Senydro PC Any% (No Bug Jump)
Meteos_Probably vs. BINGOBONGOS PC Any% (Inbounds)
7rayD PC Any% (Inbounds)
MattRPD PC Claire B
Akarion__ PC Glitchless
Tezur0 PC All Levels
XeroHR PC Easy
DemonicRobots PC Any%
Tuesday, February 16, 2021
Incep_Sean PS4 Any% (Normal)
henyK PC All Chosen Bosses
OneCoolManXOF PC NG+ (Stealth & No Kills)
Jaguar_King vs. dlimes13 Xbox One European Extreme
stylonide Xbox Any%
KingRhodesTN Sega Saturn Best Ending
Froob PS5 Any%
Naro PC Remilia (True Ending)
Naro PC Boss Attack
EeroKurkisuo PC A1L Score Attack
Mekarazium PC NG (Nero / Dante, Devil Hunter)
ThaRixer PS2 100%
wartab Nintendo 3DS Any%
Wednesday, February 17, 2021
Kyoslilmonster PS4 Any% (No Ring)
Galasrinie PC All Main Missions (Vanilla)
Drakodan PC Genocide
Kainalo PC Any%
Reicha7 PC Any%
BOWIEtheHERO Genesis Any%
Nixxo PC Any%
Cynaschism PC 100%
KingRhodesTN PS1 Any%
janglestorm PC Any%
janglestorm NES Compete All
Kainalo PC All Missions
Kainalo PC Any%
havrd PC Any%
Hibnotix PC Any%
7eraser7 PC Any% (DOS, Glitchless)
Thursday, February 18, 2021
RebelDragon95 PS5 Any% (Easy, Remastered)
Juh0rse PC Any%
Juh0rse GBA Any%
Gidano, ThatAccountBlaBlaBla PC NG (Amateur, Co-op)
KonceptioN2 PC Any%
Damosk PS5 Any%
LonerHero PC NG (Dante)
CDRomatron Xbox 360 Any%
RDVvsTheWorld Switch Any%
Niakky Switch Any%
C_DOS_KEZ GBC Any% (Easy)
Rom_Stein PS1 Any% (NTSC-J)
LawyerBodoh PC Max Quests
Jabo PC All Quests (w/ DLC) & Bobbleheads
bananapegasus PC Any%
FreyasSpirit Arcade Master Mode
CHX42 NES 1 Player, 4 Controllers
Friday, February 19, 2021
CHX42 NES Any%
BigJon PC Any%
LattMackey TurboGrafx-16 Any%
marquisdan NES Any%
Proto_Sonic PS1 Any%
Xerclipse PC NG+ (Specter Knight)
kekumanshoyu SNES GT Classic
ms_rey, ThisGuyAreSick PC Any% (No Major Skips, Co-op)
BlackbeltGingaNinja PC Any%
RJsmangit PC Any%
Two_EEzy PC Legendary
Xita, Wiredwicky SNES Randomizer (Co-op)
KuruHS PC Any%
AxelSanGo PC All Main Missions (w/ DLC, Featherless)
Royzoga PS4 Any% (Easy)
Saturday, February 20, 2021
nicnacnic PC Any%
TL_Plexa Wii U VC Any% (No S&Q)
Nikoheart PC Any% (Nightmare, CC Only)
Thebpg13 PC Any%
Chazoshtare, beachsidebunny PC Single & Double Play Exhibition
Addio98 PC Any%
Codejinn PC 36 Scrolls (100%)
360Chrism vs. SheNanagans_ PC Pokédex Blackout
Bubzia PC Any% (NG+, Blindfolded)
2snek NES Any%
LattMackey TurboGrafx-16 Maria Only
Kuumba_ NES Any%
Samura1man Switch Any%
BigJon SNES Any% (All Four Games)
BigJon Philips CD-i Cutscene%
Hibnotix vs. STwoLive Arcade Beat The Game
Sunday, February 21, 2021
SuperSonic_ Genesis Glitchless
Argick Genesis Beat The Game
PeekingBoo PC Any% (Dance Pad)
Joshimuz PSTV Any%
Joshimuz PSTV Any%
Samura1man Switch Any%

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