2020 Summer Online

ESA Summer Online

ESA Summer Online will be raising money for Alzheimerfonden. This is the Swedish Alzheimer’s Foundation which supports all types of research on Alzheimer’s disease and other dementia diseases. Applications for grants are assessed according to scientific quality. The goal of the Council’s work is to get maximum dividends on the research money for affected patients and their relatives.

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All dates and times are given in Europe/Stockholm timezone (UTC+02:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Kyrrone Gamecube Any%
Argick PC Sonic & Tails (Good Ending)
KuruHS PC Any% (w/ DLC)
hypnoshark Xbox Any%
Smaugy PC Any%
BigJon Switch Any% (Story Mode)
Saturday, July 25, 2020
Javi Nintendo 3DS Any%
SuperSonic71087 NES Warpless
Tecate FDS Any% (8-4, Mario)
LattMackey TurboGrafx-16 Any%
Z3phyR PC Any% (NG+)
Crab_Milk_Mickey Gamecube Any% (Kids)
Waifu PC Any% (Normal)
DECosmic PC Any% (Human)
Galasrinie PC Any% (Normal, No Infinite Flute Glitch)
Pie PS2 Any% (No MM)
Etem PC Any%
Jaguar_King PS3 The Boss Extreme
TheRedSock PC All Suit Events
Escheria PC Any% (Standard, Inbounds)
Bubzia GBA Any% (Normal, Blindfolded)
CountGooby SNES Any%
LinkaMeister SNES Any%
catalystz PC Any%
Ahady PS4 All Bosses
Sunday, July 26, 2020
danflesh111 PC All (Mini-)Bosses
Kyoslilmonster PC Any%
DoctorSwellman SNES Any%
Plastic_Rainbow DOS Any%
DemonicRobots PS2 Normal Mode
Clendaria PC Any%
The__VK PC Any%
Various PC Doom Eternal (No Major Glitches)
FocusSight GBC 100%
Monday, July 27, 2020
MattRPD Gamecube Any% (Leon A)
moonrunesv2 PC NG+
chuckgrody PC Any%
RJsmangit PSTV New Game
FroobMcGuffin PC Any% (Season 3)
Xoneris PC Any%
AEtienne PC Low% (No Level & Upgrade)
Mekarazium PC Any%
Kayarune PC Any%
Ulvind Gamecube Mission Mode
EeroKurkisuo Arcade Score Demonstration
UnFantasmaMas PC All Endings
NoseJones PC Any%
havrd PC Any%
havrd PC Showcase
Timopy PC Any%
Maygikal PC Trophies (Base Game, No Mutators)
TheRedSock PC Any%
TheRedSock PC Any% (v1.2.4)
KingjO444 Switch Any%
Tuesday, July 28, 2020
plywood_ PSTV Any%
BigJon Genesis All Perfects (Max Speed)
flying_fox PC Knuckles & Tails (NG+, Glitchless)
passere PC All Levels (Out of Bounds)
Asuka424 PS4 Acis-Mefitis (Any%, Rookie)
Sidarino SNES Any% Easy
dlimes13 PSTV All Bosses (Easy)
sniperdog147 PS4 NG+
Pengyy Gamecube Any%
TheMexicanRunner NES Any%
EndySWE NES Any%
ToreLehmann GBP Any%
akistolol SNES 96 Exit
TheHaxor NES 100%
Wednesday, July 29, 2020
R3TR0V3R5E GB Any%
SuperSonic71087 Genesis Any% (Sonic)
FocusSight Xbox 360 Silver's Story (No MSG)
Jackalacka Xbox Any%
Jaxler1 Gamecube Any%
Kythol PC Any%
DylWingo PS2 Any%
KonceptioN2 GBC Any%
colinbolts SNES Any%
ShadowFrost Wii U VC Any%
SeductiveSpatula PC Any%
Kitcot6 Wii Any%
NostTW PC Any% (Spyro The Dragon, NBS)
Becci_chan PSTV Any%
RDVvsTheWorld Nintendo 3DS Any%
LoveBot N64 Any% (JP)
MoD366 PC Any%
DonDoli PC Deep Freeze (Any%, No Major Skips)
rythin_sr PC Any% (Monsoon)
Tezur0 PC 100%
Thursday, July 30, 2020
Makkebakke PC Most Wanted
Heinki PC Any%
NoobSalmon PC Any% (Sun Ending)
Elgu_ PC Easy Run
dlimes13 PS3 All Missions (Snake, Tuxedo)
DylWingo PS2 All Platinum Bolts
Jaxler1 PS1 Any%
SRGTSilent PSTV Any%
ViolinSR PS4 Any% (Beginner)
FroobMcGuffin PC Any%
AEtienne PC Speedrun Mode (Furier)
NoobSalmon PC All DLCs
Tezur0 PC Any%
frozenflygone GBA Any%
CountGooby SNES Story Mode (Easy)
yelsraek NES Novice
RebelDragon95 Xbox 360 Goku's Story Any% (Capsules)
GreenalinkSDA PC Arcade (Hardest, Sor3 Skate, S Rank)
Riekelt Switch Easy Clear
Neviutz Gamecube Any%
Friday, July 31, 2020
Cosmolax Nintendo DS Any%
eddaket Switch Tower of Two Fists (Good Ending)
TaymanND N64 1P Stadium (Super Hard)
UnFantasmaMas NES All Stages (1 Player)
Velare_SR PC Normal
Plastic_Rainbow PC Better Than Glitchless
Beckski93 PC Any%
MackMcD PC Any%
LaserTrap_ Nintendo DS Any%
Kanban85 PC 6 Star
ViolinSR Wii U VC Any%
Bubzia N64 Break the Target (All Characters, Blindfolded)
Daggy898 Gamecube All Single Events (Platinum)
Rasta PC All Flags
Wirtual PC All Flags (No E05)
Riolu PC Training & Summer 2020
tridenttail N64 100%
Saturday, August 01, 2020
Helix13_ Gamecube All Difficulties (No Extras, Warpless)
frozenflygone PC Any%
Waifu PC Any% (Professional)
SteveTVOnline Xbox One Any%
SunnymuffinHS PC Any%
SpootyBiscuit PC Coda (All Zones)
solarcell007 SNES 100%
TweedyJono PS1 All Races (Stock Car)
TinyTim78 Amiga Easy
YumeTsubasaCH GB 800cc (National Circuit)
Paulister PC WaveyDash
Retrotato Switch Trade Alt Main (Litten)
G3neziz GBP Any% (No Save Corruption)
G3neziz GBP Any%
Velare_SR PC Any% (v3.14)
Fudgecow PC Any%
Fudgecow PC Any%
Samura1man Gamecube All Fused Shadows
NilssonAlex92 vs. WaltherIV SNES Randomizer (Crowd Control)
Sunday, August 02, 2020
LinkaMeister GBA 100%
Drunkenshoe PC Any%
sladke PC All Main Categories (No Low%)
Msushi100 PC Any%
Msushi100 PC Solo Co-Op
Zet PC Any%
Kuumba_ NES Any%
FocusSight PC Any% (NG)
ventifer Switch Beat World 1 (Intensity 30)
PeekingBoo Wii U All Scrolls (Dance Pad)
Racooze PC Any%
Racooze PC Any%
Eriphram NES Any%
KutsuSheeta NES Grant
Drakodan Genesis Any% (Easy)
EndySWE NES All Stages
Jokaah Genesis Wily Tower
DigitalDuck ZX Spectrum Any%
TheMexicanRunner NES Any%
360Chrism vs. SheNanagans_ PC Randomizer (Battleships)
BigJon SNES Any%
Samura1man Gamecube Any%
Simply N64 70 Star (Randomizer)
Simply N64 16 Star
Dangers Switch World Peace
Argick PC All Stories

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