2019 (Stream Two)

ESA Summer 2019 is a speedrunning centred community meet-up and marathon. The doors of the event area at the Quality Hotel View in Malmö are open from Friday the 19th of July until Sunday the 28th of July.

For quick reference, you may be most interested in the following links:
Master Info Post
Stream One Schedule

SETUP Games: These are buffer blocks that give us an opportunity to tackle delays on Stream One. The games will be played in their specified timeslot if the marathon is not too far behind the original schedule at that point. If we are, they will be pushed to the last day of the 2nd stream. Decisions will be made several hours before the run is scheduled. That means all SETUP Games will definitely get shown.

Starts on

All dates and times are given in Europe/Berlin timezone (UTC+02:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Harpa SNES Any%
Drashed PS2 100%
Pottoww WiiU Any%
YayoDeLaRiva Xbox Any%
English_Ben PC Any% (Beginner)
Heinki PC Any%
CrazyCharlieH PC Allies Campaign
Monday, July 22, 2019
MrSilentVid PS3 Any% (Glitched)
carska PS2 Any%
Goodigo PC Any% (NG+)
Mekarazium PC Any% (Hard)
KrusKader PC Boss Rush
SBVille PC Hard Obstacle Map Showcase
Wilbo__ PC Any%
ZooKetra PC 69 Stars
Drakodan GBA Birth
Boxmeister GBA Any% No Memory Corruption
Einea5mk PC Any% (No OoB)
Harpa SNES Any%
btrim SMS Any%
Rasmus SMS Any%
janglestorm Genesis Any%
GreenalinkSDA Switch Clive (Easy)
wartab Nintendo 3DS Any%
Tuesday, July 23, 2019
Der_Finger PC Any%
AEtienne PC Any%
RbdJellyfish PS3 Any% (No-Overlord)
skateman222 PS1 Any%
TrueBlackShark PC All Levels
DigitalDuck ZX Spectrum Any%
HaosEdge WiiU Any%
LoveBot GBP Any%
Apollo22237, TheMexicanRunner NES Any% (2 Player A)
Gikkman NES Any%
Drakodan SNES Any% (Normal)
snapcase_ PC Race Mode
Pottoww PC Normal: Any%
Cosmoing PC 100%
GameguySD PC Any%
RandomPinkBunny, SeductiveSpatula PC Any% (Co-Op)
Wednesday, July 24, 2019
CrispyHanako PC Babel Pairs
ToreLehmann PS2 Any%
Congruence PC 100%
EDB PC Any% (Transcendence)
StebMcDreb PC NG+ All Bosses
Davesterio PS2 Beat the Game
HotShotWire PC Any%
Tezur0 PC Any% (Normal)
heny PC Any%
Joshimuz PC Any%
FroobMcGuffin PC Any% ($20%)
Thursday, July 25, 2019
Thebpg13 PS1 Rally School %
Nimputs GameCube 100%
Lordmau5 PC Story
Fireman PC Amateur Championship
Jugachi PC Any%
JkL87 SNES Queen Cup%
Wirtual PC All Tracks (No E05)
Sora_yx PC Sonic's Story
Drakodan PC Hero Story
SmartKin PS2 Any%
GreenalinkSDA Switch True Ending Cyber Blue Easy
Gamonymous__ PC Any%
TheRedSock PC Any%
Dolany PC Any% (NSC)
BambooShadow GBP 100% (No WW/OoB)
zer0skar_I PS4 Any% (No Seitengrat)
Friday, July 26, 2019
zoton2 PC Any% (No HAP Skip)
tocaloni1 PC Any%
TheRedSock PC Any%
KZ_Frew PC Any%
Janmumrik PC Any%
epicdudeguy PC Any%
Cropax PC Any%
Aegri PC Any%
Lucha_Gym SNES Any% (Bad Ending)
zastbat PS1 Vita Arranged Mode
Tezur0 PC Downtown 100%
DavidSpartan95 Xbox One Legendary
heny PC Any%
Strife PC Any% (NG+ w/ DLC)
tomatoanus PC Any%
Saturday, July 27, 2019
Mrzwanzig GBA Any% Sora
janglestorm PC Any% Pirate Mode (No OoB)
Chazoshtare PC Any%
Elgu_ PC Easy Run
brainfluid PC Any% (Easy)
Sajiki PC Undead Campaign

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