ESA Winter 2018 - Running Order


ESA invites you to return to Växjö, Sweden for our first winter event! Taking place from 17 Feb to 25 Feb entirely within the Royal Corner, this will be a small event with a ‘second stream’ / old ESA feel. The marathon will run for 24 hours a day from approximately late afternoon Tuesday 20th to late evening Saturday 24th. It will be streamed on ESA Winter will be once again fundraising for Save the Children.

OPEN BLOCK: This will be filled by registrations from runners on-site.

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All dates and times are given in Europe/Berlin timezone (UTC+01:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Planks, Fatzke
360Chrism Wii U Any%
KrossoTV PS3 Any% No-Overlord
Fuzzyness Wii VC 100%
Metako GBA Any%
Wednesday, February 21, 2018
GreenalinkSDA Sega Saturn Beat the game as Enkai
EdenalSDA Sega Game Gear Any%
GreenalinkSDA Sega Game Gear Beat the game as Axel - HARD
360Chrism GameBoy Player Any%
zoton2 PS2 Any%
PurkisM PC Any% Current Patch
eTholon PC Any%
Kanban85 PC Any%
PurkisM PC All Story Missions
Truljin PC All Missions
zoton2 PC All Story Missions
Fuzzyness Wii Subspace Intense Difficulty
SayviTV PC Any% NTD
Joshimuz PC 100%
Thursday, February 22, 2018
Metako Xbox360 Glitchless
Fuzzyness Wii VC All Events
360Chrism Wii Any%
KalarMar Wii U All Bosses
AEtienneTV PC Any%
DonDoli PC The Machine Any%
DonDoli PC All Expansion Levels
EdenalSDA Sega Genesis Any% Mickey
AEtienneTV PC Any%
eTholon PC Any%
Retrotato Nintendo DS Any%
Fuzzyness Wii VC 100%
KennyMan666 PC Rainbow Dash
GreenalinkSDA Switch Boss Blaster mode as Jason
GreenalinkSDA, IrregularJinny Switch Both character endings "co-op"
Soppae SNES 100%
Truljin PC Simple
PurkisM PC Any%
AEtienneTV PC Any% No DLC
Retrotato GameCube Any%
Friday, February 23, 2018
Tompa CD-i Any% cutscenes
zoton2 PS2 NG+
IrregularJinny PS4 All Worlds
Wiredwicky PC Any% Anwen
EdenalSDA PC Good Campaign
GreenalinkSDA Sega Genesis Axel Easy
Metsametsa PC Any% First Ending
Firepawlz PC Any%
Saturday, February 24, 2018
Truljin PC Any% (Enchanced Mode)
Wiredwicky Switch Any% No Save and Quit
AEtienneTV GBA (Emu) Any% Glitchless
AEtienneTV PC NG+ Judas Ending
KennyMan666 PC F-Swordman
eTholon vs. Joshimuz PC Bingo Race (Normal)
DM Firepawlz + 5 Victims Paper TPK%
Truljin PC Max Health
Retrotato GameBoy Player Any% Glitchless
IrregularJinny Switch Any%
EdenalSDA, Planks, Fatzke
Maral, AnnieFuchsia, Psychobunny, Michi Switch EVENT%

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