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ESA Summer 2018 is a speedrunning centred community meet-up and marathon. The doors of the event area at the Quality Hotel View in Malmö are open from Friday the 20th of July until Sunday the 29th of July.

SETUP Games: These are buffer blocks that give us an opportunity to tackle delays. The games will be played in their specified timeslot if the marathon is not too far behind the original schedule at that point. If we are, they will be pushed to the last day of the 2nd stream. Decisions will be made several hours before the run is scheduled. That means all SETUP Games will definitely get shown.

Intermission: Short games that will fill longer setup times.

Starts on

All dates and times are given in Europe/Berlin timezone (UTC+02:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Fudgecow vs. SayviTV PC All Bosses Race
ThaRixer PS3 Any% (NG+)
Kirthar PC All Bosses (Regular, Legacy)
Oh_DeeR vs. LateLearner SNES (Super Game Boy 2) Any% (Glitchless) Race
EndySWE NES Any%
TheMexicanRunner vs. Jokaah NES Any% Race
KrazyRasmus PC Any%
Ushebti PC Any% (No Major Glitches)
Etem PC 100%
Sunday, July 22, 2018
Janky PS3 All Gold Bolts
TheLaughingMax PC All Strongholds (Necron)
RebelDragon95 PS4 Any% (Beginner NG+)
English_Ben PC Story Mode (Normal)
Cadarev PC Any%
catalystz vs. havrd PC Any% Race
tocaloni1 GBP Any%
lennart_underscore GBP Any%
Jetsa (aka Flotsa) PC Any% (NG+)
360Chrism Wii U Collect Treasures (No DLC)
emptysys, OsZ_ PC Any% (Co-Op) Co-Op
acridstingray3 PC Any%
Niss3 NES Any% Intermission
Paulister vs. HaosEdge, SeductiveSpatula PC Any% (NLS) Solo vs. Co-Op
Jitaenow PC All Cells (No Restrictions) SETUP GAME
havrd, Janmumrik PC Co-Op Co-Op
Sorix XBOX 360 Legendary
SphereMJ PC Any%
Kykystas PC Any% (Tourist)
4shockblast PC UV-Speed
Monday, July 23, 2018
catalystz PC Any%
RabzZ PC Any%
antidotsrd PC All Main Missions
Punchi PC NG (Easy)
AxelSaGo PS4 All Main Missions Vanilla
ElkjaerTV PS4 Any% (NG+ Ultra Hard)
Yajijy_ PC Any%
Fatzke vs. eTholon PC Any% (No Numpad Skips)
Jugachi vs. Lordmau5 PC Any% Race
KuruHS PC Any%
ViewtifulViktor PC Any%
Oldclov vs. linkboss Genesis Any% Race
Sajiki PC Any% Intermission
COOLKID vs. EndySWE NES Any% (Difficult) Race
Jokaah NES Any%
TheMexicanRunner NES Any% (No Wrong Warp)
EndySWE NES Any%
Burb__ NES Any%
BroedgeMan vs. jokerofgod SNES Any% Race
Frippen NES Any% (Game A) Intermission
Shigan_ vs. Ceehe vs. GamonymousRC PC Racing+ Season 3 Race
Cadarev PC Any% SETUP GAME
Tuesday, July 24, 2018
Firepaw PC True Pacifist
HardcoreYork PC Any% (Mage Current Patch)
Rasschla PC 100%
Lolicry Wii U Any%
Kinnin11 PS3 Any% (NG+)
Leonis07 PSP Any%
SixRockFire PS2 Any% (No LTS (One-handed))
catalystz PC Any% (Normal)
henyK PC Any%
Kanaris PC Ending [A]
Noobest vs. Stennis PC Reverse Boss Order Race
Elajjaz PS4 Any%
Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Ellieceraptor PC Any% (Normal)
Heinki PC Any%
NoobSalmon PC All Quests
FroobMcGuffin PS4 Any%
Ellaapiie PC Any% (Replay Story)
KyleDoesIt PC Any%
Tezur0 PC Any%
Metako PS2 Any% Part 1 Part 2 on Stream 2
havrd, Janmumrik PC Any% Relay
Goost91 PC Any% (With Dialogue)
tocaloni1 PC Any% (Zipless) Segmented Reveal
Thursday, July 26, 2018
Jackintoshh PC Any%
BBF_ PC Any%
Geurge, Hennejoe PC Any% (NG+ Co-Op) SETUP GAME
RandomPinkBunny vs. SeductiveSpatula PC Any% (NG+) Race
eidgod PC Any%
Cadarev PC Any%
henyK PC Any%
ChriSoofy vs. Ellaapiie Wii Any% Race
Boomer PS3 Any%
Herreteman 3DS 100%
acridstingray3 vs. HaosEdge vs. Kazzadan vs. Leonmachar PC Dreams and Challenges Race
Dedew PC Any% (Normal)
havrd vs. Strife PC Any% Routing Competition
Punchi PC Any%
CDRomatron GBP Any% Intermission
mohoc vs. tzann vs. lennart_underscore PC Any% (No Telejumping) Race
BBF_ PC Any% (Rage-Mode)
Lordmau5 PC Story Mode Intermission
TC_Qlex Arcade Exhibition
Shirdel PC Any% (3 Stars)
sinister1 NES Any%
TheMexicanRunner NES Any%
Friday, July 27, 2018
Dxtr vs. EndySWE NES Any% Race
BroedgeMan SNES 100%
Mucke1Man PS3 Any% (NG+ no EGS)
Scopii PC Corvo Any%
Scopii PC Any%
tzann PC Any% (Current Patch)
Retrotato DS Any%
TheMotherBrain86 NES Any%
COOLKID vs. KrazyRasmus Master System Any% Race
CartinaCow vs. EndySWE NES Any% Race
Enmet SNES 100%
Kinnin11 DS 100%
Fuzzyness & Friends Wii 70 Star Relay Race
Phillotrax PC 100%
Kahmul78 PC All Bosses
Kahmul78 PC Glitch Exhibition
SayviTV vs. Elajjaz PC Any% Race
praskOo_ vs. Savusukka vs. AerO__ PC Any% Race
TheKotti PC Silent Assassin
brainfluid vs. praskOo_ PC Any% Race
Maxam1337 PC Any% Scriptless
Heinki PC Any%
Saturday, July 28, 2018
Janmumrik PC Any%
WolfE87 PC Any%
SpoonTy PC Any% (Glitchless Set Seed)
srd_27 PC Heroic
Akaraien PC Any%
Argick PC Sonic & Tails (All Emeralds)
CDRomatron vs. LoveBot GBA Any% Race
RebelDragon95 PS4 Any% (Terra Beginner)
Kinnin11, Sniperwave GBP Any% (Co-Op) Co-Op
Amateseru Wii MST
Linkus7 Wii U Any%
360Chrism vs. Isaia vs. Yoshim_ Switch Any% Race
UltimaOmega07 PC All Missions
InfestedRiche vs. COOLKID vs. Yogidamonk vs. JkL87 NES Various

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