2019 - Winter (Stream One)

Returning for it’s second installment, ESA Winter is once again taking place in the comfortable surroundings of the Quality Hotel Royal Corner, Växjö.

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Stream Two Schedule

Alpha & Omega Block: These are our two open blocks that will be open to registration by attendees on-site. The scheduling team will curate the runs there and publish a running order for these blocks the day before they're scheduled.

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All dates and times are given in Europe/Stockholm timezone (UTC+01:00). All dates and times are given in your local timezone. The schedule was last updated .

Distortion2 PC All Sins
ElkjaerTV PS4 TFW NG+ (Ultra Hard)
RebelDragon95 PS4 Ventus Critical Level 1 Any%
triggerino1 PC Crash 1 Any%
Tezur0 PC Any%
The__VK PC Any%
English_Ben PC Any% no SSU
gaeldemarseille PC ACE Showcase
Distortion2 PC Claire B
Tezur0 PC All Chapters, Easy
Truljin PC Any% Glitchless
Tuesday, February 19, 2019
Makkebakke PC Any%
StevieBlu PC Any% No Major Skips N
Makkebakke, SimpleUnit PC L.A. Noire % CoOp
eidgod PC Evil Campaign
thatchbro PC Any%
KennyMan666 PC Kunoichi All Items No KG
Ryedwag PC Any%
Wiredwicky PC All Bosses
SoberCorewin PC Any% Pre-Patch
LaserTrap_ DS Free Play RTA
Tricr0w PC Any% Normal With DLC
Tezur0 PC Any%
Wiredwicky SNES V-Hard
eTholon vs. Fatzke PC Lost Orbit DLC (All Chambers) Race
SBVille PC Any%
Ryedwag PC Story - Easy (NG)
English_Ben PC Easy NG
Brionac95 PC Adventure - Campaign+
Brionac95 PC Lost to Echoes - Default
RebelDragon95 Xbox 360 Sonic's Story (No MSG)
Samura1man Switch Any%, Normal
KrazyRasmus SMS Any%
linkboss Genesis Any%
TitansofCoOp Genesis 2-Players Glitchless Easy
Tricr0w PC Boss% Necromancer
Wednesday, February 20, 2019
KennyMan666 Xbox 360 Any%
linkboss Genesis Sonic, Any%
Zephyyr & Friends Paper TPK%
Makkebakke PC Any%
Tezur0 vs. WordofWind PC All Missions, Downtown Race
Joshimuz PSP Any%
Joshimuz PSP Any%
eidgod PC Any%
Noobest PC Any%
Etem PC Any%
yisk PC Any% NG+
Metako vs. Leonis07 Gamecube Any% Race
360Chrism PC 24 Star
Dansta2106 vs. MyNameIsZYPER Switch Any% Race
Thursday, February 21, 2019
TitansofCoOp Genesis Any% Co-Op
linkboss GBP Any%
Naro PC 100% No Extra (Hard)
Tricr0w PC Any% Normal
8-Bit Steve, KrazyRasmus NES Speedrun Tutorial
AEtienne GBP DDR% Glitchless
Tezur0 PC Any% Sprint
The__VK PC SpecOps - Veteran
Christerious PC Any%
Wombrax PC All Orbs
ChariseH PC Glitchless Blue Suit Any%
salvner PC Survival Any%
AEtienne vs. Retrotato Nintendo DS Any% Race
PurkisM PC 169 Pyramids
Truljin PC Any% (No Level Skip)
Steeltofu PC Cr1TiKaL Rules Any%
The__VK PC All Main Missions
Tezur0 PC Any%
WordofWind PS1 Any%
Distortion2 PC All Bosses
Friday, February 22, 2019
Noobest vs. Distortion2 PC Any%
Nozlar PC Any%
wartab Nintendo New 3DS Any%
Leonis07 PS Any%
ElkjaerTV PS4 Spyro The Dragon (120%)
PurkisM PC All Bosses (Relaxed)
IrregularJinny PS4 Any% Beginner (JP)
360Chrism Wii VC Bingo
fplush N64 TAS Showcase
at_c NES Warpless
LoveBot Wii VC All Levels
Metako Xbox 360 ABRSR
TwoCPlus PC Any%
Saturday, February 23, 2019
Blueye95, MooseSR vs. Swesie, Psyched_SR PC 100% Relay Race
hedweg vs. iKainalo PC Any% Race
Murcaz PC Crash 3 any%
Truljin Dreamcast Any%
Spelkollektivet PC Showcase
AEtienne PC Any%
LittleZero PC Any% V 0.9
Christerious PC Any% Legacy
Tricr0w PC Any%
RoboSparkle, Retrotato vs. Raagentreg, wartab Switch True Co-Op Race
G3neziz GBP Any% No Save Corruption
Raagentreg GBC Any% With Tutorial
fplush PC TAS Showcase
360Chrism vs. Fuzzyness N64 Mini-Game Island Any% Race
Fuzzyness Wii All Stars Very Easy (RNG Manip)
TwoCPlus PC Linear, No OoB
Samura1man GCN Any%
at_c NES Warpless
kalevan_herra vs. Kirthar vs. TwoCPlus PC All Bosses - Regular, Legacy Race
kalevan_herra PC All Bosses - Regular, Current Patch Incentive

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